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3 November 2001

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2001-11-03 number 69

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THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA.                                                                                             THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

Registered at the                                                                                                     ee
                                                 n                                                                    es

Vol. XCIV No. 69                                           3rd November, 2001                               Price: Shs. 1000

                               CONTENTS                      PAGE    Edible oils and fats, preserves, pickles and all goods
                                                                     included in this class duly advertised in the Uganda Gazette
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice                oe         543    under General Notice No. 233/2001 dated 22nd June 2001
The Advocates Act— Notice            ...               =      543    in the name of A. K. OILS & FATS (U) LIMITEDhas been
The Trade Marks Act— Alteration ofa
                                  a Registered                       altered under Section 38 of the Trademarks Act as under:
  Trademark     ves                          s        543
The Companies Act—Notice.                       . 543-544
Advertisements...                SL    foes’ See      544
Act                         SUPPLEMENTS
No. 17—The Local Governments (Amendment) (No. 2)
Act, 2001.
Statutory Instrument
No. 59—The Taxes and Duties (Provisional Collection)                                     eeee
(Extension of Period) Order, 2001.                                   Dated at Kampala this 30th day of October 2001.

General Notice No. 462 of 2001.                                                            RITA BBANGA-BUKENYA (MRS)
        THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT,1997.                                                  Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks.
                            Act No. 3 of 1997.
                             Section 30 (1).
                 NOTICE.                                             General Notice No. 465 of 2001.
APPOINTMENTOF RETURNING OFFICER FOR THE                                         THE COMPANIES ACT (CAP. 85)
     CONSTITUENCY, BUSHENYIDISTRICT.                                          UGANDA CRANE INDUSTRIESLTD.
   NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in exercise of the powers             NOTICE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING.
conferred upon the Electoral Commission by the Electoral
                                                                     There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the
Commission Act, No. 3 of 1997, Mr. Charles William
                                                                     Companyto take place on Thursday 22nd November, 2001
Ochola is hereby appointed the Returning Officer for
                                                                     at 11:00 a.m at Hotel Equatorial, Kampala to review the
purposes of the by-election in Igara East Constituency,
                                                                     status of the company.
Bushenyi District.
                                                                     Any memberentitled to attend but unable to do so in person
     ISSUED at Kampala, this 2nd day of November, 2001.              may appoint a proxy in accordance with the Company’s
                                                 AZIZ K. KASUJJA,    Articles of Association.
                                Chairman, Electoral Commission.           Dated at Kampala this Ist day of November, 2001.

                                                                                                                     S.E ISIAGI
General Notice No. 463 of 2001.
                          THE ADVOCATESACT.
                  NOTICE.                                                                                          F. AKITENG
  IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIEDthat a Petition has been presented to         General Notice No. 466 of 2001.
the Hon. the Chief Justice by Ivan Geoffrey Mangeni whois
stated to be a holder of Bachelor of Laws Degree of                  IN THE MATTER OF THE COMPANIES ACT(CAP. 85)
Makerere University and a Diploma in Legal Practice
awarded to him by the Law Development Centre, Kampala
for entry of his nameon the Roll of Advocates for Uganda.                IN THE MATTEROFLILI ASHA LIMITED- IN
Kampala,                                     STEPHEN MUSOTA,                          LIQUIDATION
23rd October, 2001.                         Acting ChiefRegistrar.
                                                                         NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF LIQUIDATOR
General Notice No. 464 of 2001.                                      By Special Resolution of the members of the above named
              THE TRADE MARKS ACT                                    Companydated 15th October 2001, Mr. Esmail Kadernani has
                                                                     been appointed Liquidator of the above named Company.
                     SECTION 38
                                                                     Take notice that anyone having any claim whatsoever from
                       NO. 24169                                     the above Company should submit such claim to the
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN                                               liquidator at the address mentioned hereunder. Anyone
TAKE NOTICE THATthe trademark No. 24169 class 29                     indebted to the Company in any way is required to settle
Schedule III in the name of A. K. OILS & FATS (U)                    his/her debt with the Company within one month from the
LIMITED,P. O. Box 2671 Kampala - Ugandain respect of                 date of this notice.
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