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21 February 2002

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2002-02-21 number 10

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                           The                                                                                                         nim        rciANhA


                      Uganda Gazette                                                                                                         by

   Vol. XCV No. 10                                                        21st February, 2002                                  Price: Shs. 1000

                                   CONTENTS                                  Page     2. All transit vehicles entering Uganda through Busia or
                                                                                      Malaba proceeding to North Western to the Democratic
   The Uganda Revenue Authority—Notice..............                           71     Republic of Congo or Sudan through Jinja, Kampala or
   The Advocates Act—Notices...................................                72     through Tororo and Mbale and vice versa shall take the
                                                                                      following direct routes:-
   The Companies Act—Notices..................................                 72
   The Trade Marks Act-Registration of applications ...                     72-78     (a) Kampala - Karuma - Pakwach - Arua - Koboko/Oraba
   Advertisements        ..............................................        78         or Lira.
                                                                                      (b) Tororo - Mbale - Soroti - Lira - Karuma - Pakwach -
                                                                                          Goli or Paidha/Padea or Zeu or Vurra.
   General Notice No. 47 of 2002.                                                     3. All transit vehicles entering Uganda through Busia or
                                                                                      Malaba proceeding to the North to Sudan, through Tororo -
                                                                                      Mbale - Soroti - Lira or Jinja to Kampala and vice versa
                                                                                      shall take the following direct routes:
                                                                                      (a) Kitgum - Lokung or Madi Opei via Karuma and Gulu.
   1. Notice is given under section 9 of the Customs                                  (b) Karuma - Atiak or Moyo via Gulu.
   Management Act (Rev. 1970) the Commissioner-General of                             (c) Kitgum - Lokung or Madi Opei via Lira
   Uganda Revenue Authority hereby appoints roads and
   routes over which goods in transit shall be conveyed as                            4. All transit vehicles entering Uganda through Lwakhakha
   specified in the First Schedule to this Notice.                                    or Swam River shall pass via Mbale to Kampala or through
                                                                                      the North bound routes to Karuma via Soroti and Lira.
   2. This Notice shall be called the Customs (Transit Routes)
                                                                                      5. All transit goods entering Uganda through Malaba by rail
   Notice, 2002.                                                                      bound to Kasese or Pakwach may be transhipped at a
  3. Gocxls in transit shall be imported of exported through a                        declared station and conveyed through a Customs Transit
                                                                                      Route approved in writing by the proper officer.
  customs Port or area appointed under the customs law and
  conveyed over gazetted roads or routes declared by the owner                        6. All vessels from Kenya or Tanzania destined to Uganda
  or authorised agent and approved by the proper officer.                             on Lake Victoria shall call at Jinja Pier or Port Bell in
                                                                                      Kampala and proceed through appointed road or route.
   4. AH vehicles in transit through Uganda on appointed roads                                          SECOND SCHEDULE
   or routes shall report at gazetted transit parking yards or
                                                                                                      TRANSIT PARKING YARDS
     istoms areas listed in the Second Schedule to this Notice
                                                                                      1. (a)    Malaba Parking Yard.
'^for purposes of customs control and verification.
                                                                                         (b)    Trans Link Transit Parking Yard
                                                                                         (c)    Busia Millers Limited Transit Parking Yard and ICD.
  5. The owner or agent of a vehicle who does not comply                                 (d)    Multiple ICD/Transit Parking Yard.
  with conditions specified in this Notice commits an offence                            (e)    Nakawa Inland Port Transit Parking Yard.
  under the customs Management Act.                                                      (f)    Masaka Municipal Council Transit Parking Yard.
                                                                                         (g)    Ntungamo Transit Parking Yard (Hodsons Clearing
                             FIRST SCHEDULE                                                     and Forwarding)
                  APPOINTED TRANSIT ROUTES.                                                 (h) Ishaka Transit Parking Yard.
                                                                                            (i) Luwero Town Council Transit Parking Yard.
  1. All transit vehicles entering Uganda through Busia or
  Malaba proceeding to the West or South Western to the                                        TRANSIT VEHICLES REPORTING POINTS
  Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda or Burundi                                     2. Vehicles bound to Sudan through the North routes shall
  through Jinja - Kampala - Masaka and Mbarara or through                             report at:
  Mutukula via Mbarara shall take the following direct routes:
                                                                                      (a)    Soroti URA Office if passing through Lira direct to
  (a) Mbarara - Fort Portal - Ntoroko or Busunga or Kasese                                   Madi Opci or Lokung via Kitgum.

  (b) Mbarara - Mpondwe                                                               (b) Gulu URA Office in all other cases.
                                                                                      Issued at Kampala this 15th day of February, 2002.
  (c) Mbarara - Ishasha River
                                                                                                                          ANNEBRIT ASLUND ,
  (d) Mbarara - Kikagati or Mcrama Hills or Kamwezi or Kabale                                                              Commissioner-General,
                                                                                                                        Uganda Revenue Authority.
  (e) Mbarara - Kabale - Cyanika or Bunagana through Kisoro.
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