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14 February 2003

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2003-02-14 number 7

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 Vol. XCVI No. 7                                                 14th February, 2003                                   Price: Shs. 1000

                          CONTENTS                                       Page   2. US 12: 2002      Specification for whole maize meal
 The Uganda National Bureau of Standards—Notice 41-52                                               (Second Ed)
 The Advocates Act—Notices...................................              53
 The Companies Act—Notices...................................              53   Scope:              This Uganda standard applies to whole
 The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 54-56                                            maize meal, milled from kernels of
 Advertisements ........................................................   56                       common maize, Zea mays L. for
                                                                                                    human consumption.
  Legal Notice                                                                  3. US 13:2002       Specification for degermed maize
■ No. 3—The Local Governments (Declaration of Towns)                                                meal and maize grits (Second Ed)
’     Notice. 2003.
                                                                                Scope:              This Uganda standard applies to de­
 Statutory Instrument                                                                               germed maize meal, and maize grits
 No. 5—The Local Governments (Graduated Tax)                                                        milled from kernels of common maize,
      Declaration of Rates (Amendment) Instrument, 2003.                                            Zea mays L. for human consumption.

                                                                                4. US 14:2002       Specification for pulses (excluding
 General Notice No. 36 of 2003.                                                                     beans) (Second Ed)
                                                                                Scope:              This Uganda Standard applies to the
                 ACT, 1983                                                                          whole, shelled or split pulses of lentils
                             (Act No. I OF 1983, Section 18)                                        (Lens culinaris Medic. Syn. Lens
                                                                                                    esculenta Moench.); peas (Pisum
                                PRELIMINARY NOTICE                                                  sativum    L.); chickpeas        (Cicer
                                                                                                    arientinum L.); field beans (Vicia faba
     In accordance with section 17 of the Uganda National                                           L.); cow peas (Vigna unquiculata (L.)
 Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Act, 1983, the National                                                 Walp.), syn. Vigna sesquipedalis
 Standards Council intends to recommend to the Minister for                                         Fruhw. Vigna sinensis (L.) Savi exd
 Tourism, Trade and Industry to declare the Standard                                                Hassk.) which are intended for direct
 Specifications indicated below for compulsory application                                          human consumption.
 after 60 days from the date of this notice.
                                                                                5. US 16:2002       Specification for sorghum grains
 The National Standards Council therefore calls upon all                                            (Second Ed)
 interested persons or parties likely to be affected by
 compulsory application of these standards to lodge their                       Scope:              This Uganda Standard applies to
 objections in writing to the Executive Director, Uganda                                            sorghum grains obtained from species
 National Bureau of Standards, P.O. Box 6329, Kampala. Fax                                          of Sorghum bicolour (L) Moench,
 286123, E-mail: unbs@afsat.com                                                                     intended     for    direct   human
 Every person who has an objection to the declaration of a
 standard as compulsory shall be entitled to be heard by the                    6. US 17:2002       Specification    for    maize      grains
 National Standards Council. No standard specification shall be                                     (Second Ed)
 declared compulsory until the council has heard all persons
 who have lodged objections.                                                    Scope:              This Uganda Standard applies to
                                                                                                    maize (corn) for direct human
 If no objections are received within 60 days, the Standard                                         consumption, i.c., ready for its
 Specifications shall be recommended to the Minister for                                            intended use as human food, presented
 declaration as Compulsory Uganda Standards.                                                        in packaged form or sold loose from
                                                                                                    the package directly to the consumer.
 1. US 7:2002                       General Standard for the Labelling
       •                            Of Pre-packaged Foods (Second Ed)
                                                                                7. US 28:2002       Code of practice for Hygiene in the
 Scope:                             This Uganda standard applies to the                             Food and Drink manufacturing
                                    labelling of all pre-packaged foods to                          Industries (Second Ed),
                                    be offered as such to the consumer or for
                                    catering purposes and to certain aspects    Scope:              This code of practice sets out the
                                    relating to the presentation thereof.                           general guidelines for the hygiene
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