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11 July 2003

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2003-07-11 number 32

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                 Uganda Gazette
Vol. XCVI No. 32                                                         11th July, 2003                                      Price: Shs. 1000

                    CONTENTS                                                Page   General Notice No. 210 of 2003.
The Parliamentary Elections Act—Notice                            ...        211
                                                                                     THE ELECTRICITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY.
The Electricity Regulatory Authority-—Notice ...                             211
The Companies Act—Notices...................................                 212                          ■■ .'•t EiccmicnY
                                                                                                          (â–  r JI RfGUlAJOW
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 212-213                                                 fa k^TLAJTHOeiTY
Statutory Instrument
No. 35—The Fish (Beach Management) Rules, 2003.                                                          OUR MISSION:
                                                                                             “PROMOTING QUALITY AND SUSTAINABLE
                                                                                            ELECTRICITY SUPPLY AT EQUITABLE PRICES”
General Notice No. 209 of 2003.
                                                                                      NOTICE OF APPLICATION OF A LICENCE FOR
   THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT, 2001.                                              DISTRIBUTION AND SALE OF ELECTRICITY
             ACT No. 8 OF 2001.                                                    The Electricity Regulatory Authority has received a
                Section 60( 1)                                                     notification for intended application for a licence for the
                  NOTICE                                                           distribution of electricity to the following areas.
    PUBLICATION OF THE PARLIAMENTARY BY­                                              •     Kikorongo-Bwera-Mpondwe
     ELECTION RESULTS FOR BUSIKI COUNTY                                               •     Mwaro-Bugoye-lbanda-Kyanya-Maliba
       CONSTITUENCY, IGANGA DISTRICT                                                  •     Kyambura-Kalcrera-Kalunguru
                                                                                      • •   Kitwamba-Rwasande Areas
    Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission                             Kilcmbc Investments Ltd. has made the notification in
that results for the Parliamentary by-election for Busiki                          accordance with the provisions of Section 30 of the
County Constituency, Iganga District in the Schedule to this                       Electricity Act of 1999.
Notice is hereby published in accordance with Section 60( 1)
                                                                                   Kilembe Investments Ltd. intends to establish a distribution
of the Parliamentary Elections Act, No. 8 of 2001.
                                                                                   network to supply the above-mentioned areas within Kasese
                            SCHEDULE                                               and Bushenyi Districts.
                                                                                   Interested persons are invited to obtain the details of the
Candidate's Name                             No. of Votes        Percentage
                                                                                   intended Projects from (he following addresses below:-
Asupasa Isiko Wilson M.                         13,302           37.32%
Baitc Munobwa Sefatia                                                                 The Electricity Regulatory Authority
                                                   466            1.31%
                                                                                      8th Floor Communication House
Bamuhamyc Edward M.                                344            0.97%               Tel: 041-341852
Batcgana Saleh K.                                1,361            3.82%               Fax: 341624
Isiko Godfrey Gcorge                               835            2.34%               P.O. Box 10332
Mukose Jonathan H.                               5,213           14.62%               KAMPALA
Sjago Lydia Kibwika                              3,762           10.55%               E-mail: era@africaonline.com
Sekiziyivu Muhudi                                2,989            8.39%
                                                                                      The LCV Chairman’s Office
Tibita Isifu                                       557            1.56%               Kasese District
Wadadha Johnson B.                               6,816         . 19.12%               KASESE
Valid Votes Cast for Candidates                35,645                                 The LCV Chairman’s Office
Invalid Votes Cast                              1,628              4.37%              Bushenyi District
Total Votes Cast                               37,273              60.2%              BUSHENYI

The Electoral Commission in accordance with Section 60( I)                         Under Section 31 and 33 of the 1999 Electricity Act the
'Tthe Parliamentary Elections Act, 2001 declare ASUPASA                            Electricity Regulatory Authority hereby invites parties directly
                                                                                   affected by the project or other intending developers to
ISIKO WILSON M. who has obtained the largest number of
                                                                                   forward written comments and submissions to the Electricity
       to be the elected Candidate for Busiki County                               Regulatory Authority within 30 days. Interested parties must
 Parliamentary Constituency.                                                       notify the ERA about their objections or interest in writing
 L.jed al Kampala this 1st day of July, 2003.                                      within 30 days from the publication of this notice.

                          ENG. DR. BADRU M. KIGGUNDU,                                                                          MANAGEMENT,
                            Chairman, Electoral Commission.                                                    Electricity' Regulatory Authority.
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