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2 January 2004

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2004-01-02 number 1

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                    Uganda Gazette
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        XCVII No. 1                                                        2nd January, 2004                                       Price: Shs. 1000

                   . CONTENTS                                                 Page     General Notice No. 4 of 2004.
   CompaniesAct—Notices                  ...............................         1                    THE TRADE MARKS ACT.
   Trade Marks .Act'— Registration of applications                             1-2                           (Cap. 83).
—-<crtiscmcnts..........................                                         2                              NOTICE.
                                                                                        Notice is hereby given that any person who has grounds to
                                                                                      oppose the registration of any of the marks advertised herein
    neral Notice No. 1 of 2004.                                                       may within sixty days from (he dale of this Gazette, lodge a
                   THE COMPANIES ACT. 1964.                                           Notice of opposition on Trade Mark Form No. 6 together with a
                                   (Cup. 85).                                         fee of Shs. 4000 in case of National applicants or USS 250 in
                                    NOTICE.                                           cisc of Foreign applicants. The period of lodging Notice of
                                                                                      opposition may be extended in suitable cases by (he Registrar as
   Pursuant to section 343 (3) of the Companies Act. notice                           he thinks fit upon such terms as he may direct. Formal
__ hereby given that unless cause is shown to (he contrary                            opposition should not be lodged until after reasonable notice has
sac name of the following company will be struck off (he
                                                                                      been given by letter to the applicant so that he may have an
  egistcr after the expiration of three months from the dale of
                                                                                      opportunity to withdraw his application before the expense oi
   iblication of this notice.
                                                                                      opposition proceedings is incurred. Failure to give such notice
                             CORONA LIMITED                                           will he taken into account in considering any application by the
   Dated at Kampala, (his 1st day of November. 2001.                                  opponent for an order for costs if the opposition is uncontestcd
                                                                                      by the applicant. Representations of the marks hciein advertised
                                                 BEN TURYASINGURA.
                                    Assistant Registrar of Companies.                 cun be inspected at the office of the Registrar of Trade Marks.
                                                                                      Parliamentary Buildings.        P.O. Box 7151.         Kampala.

                                                                                      (21)        Application No. 26288       in   Part “A”.
  General Notice No. 2 of 2004.                                                       (52)                       Class 4.
               THE COMPANIES ACT. 1964.                                                                             (54)
                                   (Cap. 85).
    Pursuant to section 343 (3) of (he Companies Act. notice
 is hereby given that unless cause is shown to the contrary
the name of the following company will be struck oil the
register after (he expiration of three months Irom die date of                         (57) Nature of goods— AH goods in class 4 including petrol,
publication of this nonce.                                                                     diesel'. engine oil and all associated petroleum
                KOBIL PETROLEUM (U) LIMITED.
                                                                                       (73) Name of applicant— MoPctrol Limited.
  Dated at Kampala, this 27th day of October, 2003.
                                                                                       (77) Address— P.O, Box 6470. Kampala.
                                                 BEN TURYASINGURA.                     (74)
                                    AssistanCRegistrar of Companies.
                                                                                       (22) Date of filing application— 15th December. 2003.

                                                                                       (21)        Application No. B7X0 in Part “B".
General Notice No. 3 of 2004.                                                          (52)                       Class 30.
                 (Cap. 110).
  Pursuant to section 343 (6) of the above Act, notice is
hereby given that the under mentioned company’s name has
been struck off the Register.
                            CORONA LIMITED
                                                                                      (53) Disclaimer— Registration of this trademark shall give
  Dated at Kampala, this 10th day of February, 2003.                                         no right to the exclusive use of the letters and words
                                            BEN TURYASINGURA.                                "TM". “HONEY" and "SINLESSLY SWEET*’
                                   Assistant Registrar of Companies.                        except as represented.
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