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23 April 2004

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2004-04-23 number 18

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Vol. XCV1I No. 18                                                        23rd April, 2004                                 Price: Shs. 1000

                          CONTENTS                                             Page   16. The East Africa General Insurance Company Ltd., P.O.
The Workers Compensation Act—Notice                                ...         119        Box 1392, Kampala
The Electoral Commission—Notice                        ...         ...         119
                                                                                      17. TransAfrica Assurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 7601,
The Companies Act—Notices .................................119-120                        Kampala.
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 120-124
Advertisements    ......................................................... 124-126   18. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda Ltd., P. O.
                                                                                          Box 10234, Kampala
Statutory Instrument                                                                  19. United Assurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 7185,
No. 24—The National Drug Authority (Prescription and Supply                               Kampala
     of Certain Narcotic Analgesic Drugs) Regulations, 2004.
                                                                                      Dated at Kampala this 21st day of April, 2004.
No. 2—The Nebbi District Produce Fees Ordinance, 2004.                                                             GERALD M. SSENDAULA,
                                                                                      Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

General Notice No. 136 of 2004.

                                                                                      General Notice No. 137 of 2004.
                        LAWS OF UGANDA 2000.
                                                                                         THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT, 2001
                                                                                                          Act No. 8 of 2001
Pursuant to section 18 (2) of the Workers Compensation
                                                                                                          Section 29(I)(a).
Act, (Cap 225) Laws of Uganda, 2000, the general public is
hereby notified that the duly empowered/authorized insurers                            PUBLICATION OF ADDITIONAL POLLING STATION
to offer insurance under the Act are:                                                    FOR THE PARLIAMENTARY BY-ELECTION IN
                                                                                          MBALE MUNICIPALITY, MBALE DISTRICT.
1. AIG Uganda Limited. P. O. Box 7077, Kampala
                                                                                        Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in
2. East African Underwriters Ltd., P. O. Box 22938,
                                                                                      accordance with section 29(l)(a) of the Parliamentary
                                                                                      Elections Act, No. 8 of 2001, that FOREST NURSERY
3. Excel Insurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 7213,                                      OUTSIDE QUARTER GUARD polling station is hereby
   Kampala                                                                            gazetted for purposes of the Parliamentary by-election in
4. First Insurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 5245,                                      Mbalc Municipality, Mbale District.
                                                                                         Issued at Kampala this 20th day of April, 2004.
5. Goldstar Insurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 7781,
   Kampala                                                                                                  ENG. DR. BADRU M. KIGGUNDU
6. Imperial Insurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 24256,                                                          Chairman, Electoral Commission.
7. Insurance Company of East Africa (U) Ltd.; P. O. Box                               General Notice No. 138 of 2004.
   33953, Kampala
                                                                                                    THE COMPANIES ACT, 1964.
8. Lloyds Insurance Ltd., P. O. Box 26191, Kampala
                                                                                                           (Cap. 85).
9. National Insurance Corporation Ltd., P. O. Box 7134,                                                     NOTICE
                                                                                         Pursuant to section 20(3) of the Companies Act, Notice
10., Pan.Africa Insurance Co. (U) Ltd., P. O. Box 5318,
     Kampala                                                                          is hereby given that Munnomukabi Makindye 1 Association
                                                                                      Limited has by Special Resolution passed on the 3rd day of
11. Pan World Insurance Co. Ltd., P. O. Box 7658, Kampala                             March, 2004 and with the approval of the Registrar of
12. Paramount Insurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 6427,                                 Companies changed its name to Makindye Community
    Kampala                                                                           Development Association Limited and that such new name
 13. Phoenix of Uganda Assurance Company Ltd., P. O.                                  has been entered in my register.
     Box 70149, Kampala
                                                                                        Dated at Kampala, this 24th day of February, 2004.
 14. Rio Insurance Company Ltd., P. O. Box 5710, Kampala
 15. Statewide Insurance Company Ltd., P. O. B^x 9393,                                                                  BEN TURYASINGURA.
     Kampala                                     '                                                             Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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