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18 June 2004

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2004-06-18 number 30

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      = Uganda Gazette

      Vol. XCVI1 No. 30                                     18th June, 2004                                    Price: Shs. 1000

                              CONTENTS                           Page   for the Kampala Northern Bypass and the Statutory
      The Road Agency Formation Unit (RAFU)—Notice 191                  Instrument was placed for Public viewing at various points
      The Privatisation Unit.—Notice ...                ...  ...  192   including but not limited to RAFU Offices;
      The Advocates Act—Notices             ................ ...  192
      The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 193-195         AND WHEREAS the Ministry of Works, Housing and
      Advertisements ......................         ... 195-198         Communications, issued a Public Notice through the New
                                                                        Vision Newspaper on the Gazettement of the Planning Area
                                                                        on the 10th day of January, 2003;
    l General Notice No. 200 of 2004.

          ROAD AGENCY FORMATION UNIT (RAFU)                             NOW THEREFORE RECALLING, the Briefing Meetings,
                                                                        from 2001 for the identification of alternative alignments for
                                                                        the Road, the Public Consultative meetings from 2001 at
                                                                        various locations and touching differing subjects of the
        CONSTRUCTION OF THE KAMPALA NORTHERN                            Public Inquiries, Receipt of Public Memoranda, the
                       BYPASS                                           Independent third party checks to ensure transparency and
        NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT AND HANDOVER                             conclusively marking the "Final Alignment," the gazetting
                       OF SITE                                          of the planning area, the cadastral surveys, valuation surveys
                                                                         in preparation for the acquisition of land for the Kampala
!     RECALLING the Ministry of Works, Housing and
                                                                        Northern Bypass and identification of the compensation
      Communications, represented by the Road Agency
      Formation Unit (RAFU), undertook, through the consultacy
      senices of BCEOM Consultant, a Public Inquiry on the
      Kampala Northern Bypass in April-June 2001, and an                NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that performance of the
      additional Public Inquiry in the vicinity of Bethany High         contract for construction of the Kampala Northern Bypass,
      School in Septembcr/November 2001;                                commenced on Thursday 20 May 2004 and that
                                                                        Government is now obliged to immediately hand over the
    f WHEREAS the said Ministry caused the consultant to                site for the Kampala Northern Bypass to the contractor to
      produce sets of maps at a scale of 1:2,500, showing the           start the road works;
      'Recommended Alignment", together with a summary of
      the consultant's report on the Public Inquiry, which were         NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that the road works
      widely displayed for public viewing;
                                                                        have commenced over sections of the Final Alignment of
                                                                        the Kampala Northern Bypass by M/s Salini Costruttori
       WHEREAS the Ministry of Works, Housing and
                                                                        S.P.A., the road works contractor;
       Communications on the 17th of September, 2001 did issue
       Informative/Notices about the Kampala Northern Bypass in
       the New Vision of the 16th September, 2001 and in other                                       AND
       print media;
                                                                         NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN to all Persons and
       WHEREAS the Ministry of Works, Housing and                        Individuals affected by the construction to vacate all the land
       Communications issued a Press Release on 20 September             that falls within the Final Alignment, as gazetted in the
       2(/j2 in the New Vision Newspaper requesting the people           Statutory Instrument No. 1 of 2003. The Town and Country
       affected by the "Final Alignment" to view the final set of        Planning (Declaration of Planning Area) Order, and which
       maps (at a scale of 1:2,500) placed on public display at          Government has acquired.
       various points including but not limited to RAFU Offices to
       check on the "Final Alignment" and the corresponding land
       to be acquired, to conclude the public consultation process;
       WHEREAS the Minister of Water, Lands and Environment              Road Agency Formation Unit
       trough Statutory Instrument No. 1 of 2003, in an order            Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications.
       c:T.ed as The Town and Country Planning (Declaration of           Kampala
       Hanning Area) Order, 2003 did specify the Planning Area           1st June. 2004
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