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23 July 2004

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2004-07-23 number 36

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: Uganda Gazette Z
i XCVII No. 36                                                23rd July, 2004                                 Price: Shs. 1000

                      CONTENTS                                      Page   General Notice No. 239 of 2004.
> VJwvaies Act—Notice ..........................              ...    237     THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA 2000.
tGxnpjnies Act—Notice..........................               ...    237                           (Cap. 110).
■tTriJe Marks Act—Alteration of a Registered
^•sxnurk      .............................................   ... 237                               NOTICE.
o.Tinda Communications Act—Notice ...                         ... 238        Pursuant to section 19 (1) of the Companies Act notice is
ilrJe Marks Act— Registration of applications                   238-242    hereby given that Liberty Insurance Brokers Limited has by
Lr. sements ...................                               242-244      Special Resolution passed on the 28th day of June, 2004 and
                                                                           with the approval of the Registrar of Companies changed its
                   SUPPLEMENTS                                             name to Alexander Forbes Limited and that such new name
                                                                           has been entered in my register.
L16—The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Bill, 2004.                        Dated at Kampala, this 12th day of July, 2004.
-iiory Instruments                                                                                    AGNES WANDIRA NTENDE,
   41—The Uganda Communications (Enforcement                                                        Assistant Registrar of Companies.
  Pnxcdures) Regulations, 2004.
 42— The Capital Markets (Fund Managers) Regulations,
  43— The Capital Markets (Cross Border Introductions)
  Regulations, 2004.
                                                                           General Notice No. 240 of 2004.
.44—The Water Statute (General Rates) Instrument, 2004.
 45—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date                                          THE TRADEMARKS ACT
     Completion of Update of Voters’ Register in Kamuli
                                                                                                   Section 38.
   District) Instrument, 2004.
                                                                                ALTERATION OF A REGISTERED TRADEMARK
                                                                                                No. 17257
z s w notify that, the specification of goods of trademark
                                                                           To WHOM    IT MAY CONCERN
â–  25970 in the name of CARG1L INCORPORATED
ierzxd in the Uganda Gazette Volume XCVII No. 9 under
     Notice No. 68 of 2004 dated 27th February, 2004 was                    Take notice that the Trademark No. 17257 Class 32
.•rxtl) pul as: Maize, poultry, eggs, edible oils and fats.                 Schedule III in the name of BRAUEREI BECK GMBH &
                                                                            CO. of Am Delch 18/19, 28199 Bremen, Germany in
’•e Effect specification reads: Meat, poultry, eggs, edible                 respect of Beer, ale, and porter; mineral and aerated waters
    rd fits.                                                                and other non-alcoholic drinks; syrups and other
                                                                            preparations for making beverages advertised in the Uganda
     12th July, 2004                                                        Gazette under General Notice Notice No. 63/1991 dated
                                          FIONA BAY IGA,                    31st day of May, 1991 in the name of BRAUEREI BECK
                         Assistant Registrar of Trademarks.                 GMBH & CO. has been altered under section 38 of the
                                                                            Trademarks Act as under:-

       •..■Aict No. 238 of 2004.
I                THE ADVOCATES ACT.
j                       NOTICE.
I                  notified that an application has been
;'z-23 to the Law Council by Kabagambe Peter Kaganzi
 .’           io be a holder of Bachelor of Laws of Makerere
 |         ha’.ing been awarded a Degree on the 5th day of
 p 2'/J2 ard to have been awarded a Diploma in Legal
 , v.j? r:s the Uw Development Centre on the 16th day of
 i'/ '/Aforthe issue ofa Certificate of Eligibility for entry               Dated at Kampala this 2nd day of November, 2001.
    ' â–  rzrz <xi lhe Roll of Advocates for Uganda.
; ''' - a                        HELLEN OBURA (MRS),                                               RITA BBANGA-BUKENYA (MRS.)
i                             Acting Secretary, Law Council.                                         Assistant Registrar of Trademarks.
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