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17 September 2004

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2004-09-17 number 47

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  ig Uganda Gazette
  Vol. XCVII No. 47                                     17th September, 2004                                   Price: Shs. 1000

                             CONTENTS                           Page   General Notice No. 295 of 2004.
 The Marriage Act—Notice             ...          ...   ...     311          ELECTRICITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY
 The Waler Act—Notice                ...          ...   ...     311               Plot 15 Shimoni Road, Nakasero
 The Electricity Regulatory' Authority—Notice ... 311-312                            P.O. Box 10332, Kampala
 The Electoral Commission—Notice                  ...    ...     312               Tel: 341852/646, Fax 341624,
 The Trademarks Act—Notice            .................  ...     312               Email era@africaonline.co.ug
 The Trademarks Act—Registration of applications 312-316
 Advertisements    .................                     ... 316-318
 Statutory Instruments

 No. 54—The External Trade (Importation Licence) (No. 5)
     Order, 2004.
 No. 55—The Traffic and Road Safety (Speed of Motor
     Vehicle) (Exemption) (No. 6) Order, 2004.
No. 56—The Penal Code (Declaration of Uganda Wildlife                                   OUR MISSION:
     Authority Uniform) Order, 2004.                                        "PROMOTING QUALITY AND SUSTAINABLE
                                                                           ELECTRICITY SUPPLY AT EQUITABLE PRICES"

General Notice No. 293 of 2004.                                             NOTICE OF INTENDED APPLICATION FOR A
               THE MARRIAGE ACT, 1964.                                       LICENSE FOR GENERATION AND SALE OF
                     (Cap. 211)
                             NOTICE                                    The Electricity Regulatory Authority has under section 29
                (Under section 6 of the Act)                           of the Electricity Act 1999, received a notification for
                                                                       intended application for a license from Statkraft Norfund
                                                                       Power Invest AS (SN Power) for the generation and sale of
In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section 6               electricity.
of lhe Marriage Act, I hereby licence the place of public
worship mentioned in the schedule hereto to be place for
                                                                       SN Power intends to install four Hydro Power Plants along
celebration of marriages.
                                                                       rivers as described below:
Church                 -     Pentecostal Assemblies of God             o      Muzizi Hydro Power Project (HPP): - 10 or 20 MW
Denomination           -     Pentecostal                                      on River Muzizi in Kabarole District; 58km of 33 or
Place                  -     Baradong Cell, Western Ward,                     132kV line to Fort Portal.
                             Apac Town Council
Sub-County              -    Apac Town Council                         o      Ncngo Bridge HPP:- 7.5MW, 8- 9 km downstream of
County'                 -    Apac Municipality                                Nengo Bridge on Mitano River bordering Rukungiri
District                -    Apac                                             and Kanungu Districts; 21km of 33kV line to
                              HAJATI JANAT B. MUKWAYA,
                Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs.
                                                                       o      Bugoye HPP:- 11MW, Bugoye (Mubuku II) on River
                                                                              Mubuku in Kasese and evacuation of power to
                                                                              Nkenda substation via a 4km 33kV line.
Genera! Notice No. 294 of 2004.
                  STATUTORY NOTICE.                                    o      Waki HPP:- 5MW, Waki River, providing power to
In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Minister by                      electrify the local area in Masindi and Hoima Districts;
Section 45, Part III, of the Water Act of 1995, this Statutory                excess power to be evacuated to the grid with a
Notice is hereby made this 1st day of April, 2004 declaring                   proposed power line from Butiaba through Bukumi
Apac Town, to be a Water Supply and Sewerage Area; and                        and Biso to Kigorobya via a 40km 33kV line.
:n exercise of powers conferred upon him by Section 46 of
                                                                       Anticipated scope for SN Power includes installation of the
the Water Act, the Minister hereby appoints Apac Town
                                                                       above four Hydro Power Plants and supply of power to local
Council, the Authority in charge of Water Supply and
                                                                       areas in Masindi and Hoima Districts.
Sewerage services in that area.

                       HON. KAHINDA OTAFIIRE (COL)                     Interested persons arc invited to obtain the details of the
                 Minister of Water, Lands and Environment.             Intended Project from the following addresses below:
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