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30 September 2004

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2004-09-30 number 50

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        , Uganda Gazette Z
        ;,.\CVII No. 50                            30th September, 2004                                     Price: Shs. 1000
    '                CONTENTS                                  Page   (iv) Provide real time information for economic planning
                                                                           and management.
    ’.Smpanies Act—Notice .................................     329
    pu}’of Finance—Notice ................................. 329-332   (v) Provide timely and reliable financial reports to
   ^Pectoral Commission Act—Notices............. 333-334                  Parliament, Government and the citizens of Uganda.
   'Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 334-335             2.   Accounting Units
  !             SUPPLEMENT                                                 Consequently the following accounting entities which
   zwry Instrument                                                         arc part of the pilot implementation will officially
                                                                           introduce new accounting documents with effect from
    58—The Public Enterprise Reform and Divestiture                         1st October 2004:
  1 (Vesting of Undertaking of Uganda Electricity Board)
    Instrument, 2004.                                                      Bushenyi District Local Government
                                                                           Jinja District Local Government
                                                                           Lira District Local Government
  ereral Notice No. 311 of 2004.                                           Kampala City Council Hqs. City Hull
                                                                           Kampala City Council Central Division
  THE COMPANIES ACT. LAWS OF UGANDA 2000.                                  Ministry of Education and Sports
                          (Cap. HO).                                       Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries
                                                                           Ministry of Health
                          NOTICE.                                          Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
    Pursuant to section 19 (4) of the Companies Act notice is              Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications
                                                                           Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment
  rrreby given that Kuehne & Nagel Limited has by Special
i’esolution passed on 1st August, 2004 and with the                        Therefore the above Ministrics/Disiricts arc required to
 approval of the Registrar of Companies changed its name to                return all unused Local Purchase Orders and Receipt
Lehne + Nagel Limited and that such new name has been                      books used at the pilot points to the Accountant
 :*rered in my register.                                                   General, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic
                                                                           Development or the respective Chief Administrative
 Dated at Kampala this 21st day of September, 2004.                        Officcrflown Clerk.
                                                                      3.    Accounting Documents
                             BISEREKO KYOMUHENDO,
                                                                           The following accounting documents will be printed off
                           Assistant Registrar of Companies.                the IFMS and will be used in all transactions without
                                                                            j    Receipts
tneral Notice No. 312 of 2004.                                             'â–¡    Local Purchase Orders
                                                                            j    Customer Invoices
        MINISTRY OF FINANCE, PLANNING AND                                  â–¡     Cheques for Central Government
             ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                                          The public is warned to ensure that the documents issued
                                                                           are authentic. Samples of these arc provided below.
                                                                      4.   Authentication
        INTRODUCTION OF NEW ACCOUNTING                                     These documents will be authenticated by a seal or
                  DOCUMENTS                                                stamp carrying the Logo of the issuing
   Background                                                              Ministry/District. The Ministry/District will have
   Government is implementing the pilot phase of the                       the discretion to introduce pre-printed stationery
   Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)                           with features unique to the site. The Accounting
   using the Oracle software. The pilot covers 6 Ministries                Officers are required to ensure that staff make on line
   and 4 Local Governments. The application will be used                   check of the documents before using them to proceed
   to:                                                                     with other transactions.

   Record all fiscal transactions across the Ministries,                   Should you require further clarifications on these
   Agencies and Local Governments.                                         measures, please contact respective Accounting Officers
                                                                           of the above Ministrics/Disiricts or the IF MS
   Apply appropriate accounting, and budget controls                       Helpdesk,
   more efficiently and effectively.                                       Treasury Building Room G. 45,
   Provide up to date information for budgeting and                        Tel: 347 063
   monitoring.                                                             Email: ifmshclpdesk^finance.go.ug
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