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29 October 2004

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2004-10-29 number 56

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   ^Uganda Gazette Z
   'MXCVIINo. 56                                    29th October, 2004                                   Price: Shs. 1000

                          CONTENTS                       Page     General Notice No. 339 of 2004.
  -e Electricity Regulatory Authority—Notice ...          363          ELECTRICITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY
  “eTrademarks Act—Notice         ............... ...     364               riot Jo Shimoni Road, Nakasero
  be Trademarks Act—Registration of applications 364-368                       P.O. Box 10332, Kampala
  â– dxertisements ................                     368-370                Tel: 341852/646, Fax 341624,
                     SUPPLEMENTS                                             Email: era@africaonline.co.ug
   Mutory Instruments
  >o. 68—The Forest (Declaration of Central Forest Reserve)
       Order, 2004.
  *0- 69—The Advocates (Council Fees) Regulations, 2004.
  »o. 70—The Advocates (Student Practice) Regulations. 2004.

                                                                                  OUR MISSION:
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the specification of                            “PROMOTING QUALITY AND
£cods of trademark Nos. 26846 and 26854. ’FOX' in Classes               SUSTAINABLE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY AT
16 and 9 respectively, in the names of TWENTIETH                                EQUITABLE PRICES"
                                                                    NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A LICENSE FOR
                                                                     GENERATION AT MAZIBA POWER STATION
Notice No. 271 of 2004 dated 20 August, 2004 were
incorrectly specified as follows:                                The Electricity Regulatory Authority would like to notify
                                                                 the general public and other directly affected parties that, in
No. 26846: Stationery, printed materials, periodicals, books,    accordance with section 33 of the Electricity Act 1999, the
magazines, letterheads, brochures, instructional and teaching    application for a license which was received from Umeme
materials and paper articles in International Class 16.          Ltd. includes a component for generation in respect of
                                                                 Maziba Hydro Power Station. This station of approximately
 No.26854: Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric,            1.0 MW capacity is an asset under the ownership of the
 photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing,               Uganda Electricity Distribution Company (UEDCL) and is
 measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving      situated in Kabale District.
and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for
recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images;      Interested members of the public are hereby informed that
magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending       the application may be inspected at the offices of the
machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash        Authority as shown below: -
registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment
and computers, fire extinguishing apparatus.                    The Electricity Regulatory Authority
                                                                Plot 15 Shimoni Road, Nakasero
The correct specifications read thus:                           Tel: 041 341852
                                                                Fax: 341624
No. 26846: Paper, cardboard and goods made from these           E-mail- era(@)africaonlinc.co.ug
materials, not included in other classes; printed matter        P.O.Box J 0332
including magazines containing information in the field of      KAMPALA
motion picture film, TV and video entertainment;
photographs, stationery; artists' materials; paint brushes;     Under Section 35 of the Electricity Act 1999 the Electricity
instructional and teaching material (except apparatus),         Regulatory Authority hereby invites directly affected parties
plastic materials for packaging (not included in other          and local authorities who may have an objection to the
classes); playing cards.                                        granting of the license for operation of the Maziba Power
                                                                Station, to lodge their objection in writing, setting out the
No. 26854: Motion picture films; pre-recorded video tapes,      grounds of the objection.
video cassettes, video discs, DVDs and VCDs; pre-recorded       Any objections in respect of the above should be lodged
audio tapes, audio cassettes, and audio discs, computer         with the Authority within 30 days from the publication of
software programs; computer and video game software.
                                                                this notice. The closing date for submission of the written
                                                                comments is Monday, 8th November 2004.
Dated this 25th October, 2004.

                                          FIONA BAYIGA,                                                   MANAGEMENT
                         Assistant Registrar of Trademarks.                ELECTRICITY REGULATORY AUTHORIT
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