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11 March 2005

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2005-03-11 number 14

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                                   The                                                                                         Iff. WJA. HUT a VGASDA

                            <J ganda Gazette
    istered at the
                            "If “T                                                                          J    A            Published
'â– tieni! ftost Office for
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!;*t Africa as a

'ol. XCVI1I No. 14                                             11th March, 2005                                        Price: Shs. 1000

      CONTENTS                                                      Page     Beverages, namely drinking waters, flavored waters, mineral
 he Political Parties and Organisations Act—Notice                     81    and aerated waters, and other non alcoholic beverages, namely,
■he Companies Act—Notice             ..............................    82    soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks; fruit drinks and
(he Electoral Commission Act—Notices ...                        ...    82    juices; syrups, concentrates and powders for making beverages,
(he Advocates Act—Notice.....................................           82   namely flavored waters, mineral and aerated waters, soft drinks,
(he Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications                   82-85    energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks and juices.
idvertisements      ................ ...           ...          ... 85-86
                       SUPPLEMENTS                                           Dated at Kampala this 9th March, 2005.
Statutory Instruments
                                                                                                                         FIONA BAYIGA,
4o. 16—The Weights and Measures (Testing and Stamping)
                                                                                                        Assistant Registrar of Trademarks.
    Fees Rules, 2005.
'Io. 17—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date of
    Completion of General Update of the National Voters’                     General Notice No. 71 of 2005.
    Register) Instrument, 2005.
                                                                               THE POLITICAL PARTIES AND ORGANISATIONS
No. 18—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date of                                                ACT, 2002.
    Completion of Update of Voters’ Register for Mbarara
    Municipality, Mbarara District) Instrument, 2005.
No. 19—The External Trade (Import Licence) (No. 8)                           Notice is hereby given that the Social Democrats of Uganda
      Order, 2005.                                                           (SDU) has lodged an application for registration as a
Mo. 20—The Telecommunications (Licensing) Regulations,                       political party with the following particulars:
      2005.                                                                  Name: Social Democrats of Uganda
Mo. 21—The Communications (Practice and Procedure)                           Address: Plot 28 Luwum Street Kampala, P.O. Box 21782,
      Regulations, 2005.                                                     Kampala
Mo. 22—The Communications (Telecommunications and                            Symbols: Reed with flame
      Radio Communications Equipment Type Approval)
      Regulations, 2005.
No. 23—The Communications (Radio) Regulations, 2005.
No. 24—The Communications (Fair Competition) Regulations,
No. 25—The Telecommunications (Interconnection)
      Regulations, 2005.
No. 26—The Communications (Universal Service)
      Regulations, 2005.
No. 27—The Telecommunications (Tariffs and Accounting)
      Regulations, 2005.
No. 28—The Communications (Postal Service) Regulations,
Legal Notice
     Uganda Commercial Court Law Reports, Practice
     Direction, 2005.
                                                                              Colours: blue, white and green
                                CORRIGENDUM                                   Slogan: You say-We do
TAKE NOTICE THAT the Specification of goods of
                                                                              Any person who has grounds to oppose the registration of this
Trademark No. 27366 Class 5 Schedule 111 ’SUNFILL’ in the
                                                                              application may within 14 days from the date of this Gazette,
name of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, Atlanta, Georgia
30313, U. S. A. represented by M/S Adriko & Karugaba                          lodge an objection to the Registrar concerning the name, aim,
Advocates, P. O. Box 9243, Kampala was wrongly advertised                     objects and constitution of the proposed organisation or any
in the Uganda Gazette Vol. XCVIII No. 6 under General                         other lawful ground. The application can be inspected at the
Notice No. 45 of 2005 dated 11th February, 2005 as below:                     office of the Registrar General, 4th Floor Amamu House, Plot
Beverages, namely drinking waters, flavoured waters, mineral                  No. 5B George Street, P.O. Box 6848, Kampala.
and aerated waters & other non alcoholic beverages; namely
soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks, fruit drinks.                                                           JULIET NASSUNA,
The correct Specification reads thus:                                                  Assistant Registrar Political Parties/Organisations.
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