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23 May 2006

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2006-05-23 number 33

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LAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY                                                                                                                  713

                                                                I        H            DEVELOPMENT CEMTRt
                                                                             ^f^RENCE LtdRARY
                                                                                                                         TW REH.'BUC OF UGANDA


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                           CONTENTS                             Page
 Tie Advocates Act—Notice                                        713
                                                                                                  (Cap. 230f.
 Advertisements   ............................                   713
General Notice No. 192 of 2006. •
                                                                               ISSUE OF SPECIAL CERTIF1CATE OF TTTLH
                THE ADVOCATES ACT.
                       NOTICE.                                           Kyadondo Block 92B Plot 415.
APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY,                                Notice is hereby given that afier ^e ay—■■■ « —e
     is hereby notified that an application has been presented           month from the publication hereof. I —e— —      * tae
io the Law Council by Luwaga Christopher who is stated to be             names of James Luboyera of P.O. Bet 15M. K—*
a holder of Bachelor of Laws of Makerere University having               special Certificate of Tide under tiv  Bjodk—JBfcCJftr
been awarded a Degree on the 17th day of January, 2003 and               Certificate of Title which was          só—
io have been awarded a Diploma in Legal Practice by the Law              lost.
Development Centre on the 6th day of May, 2005 for the issue
of a Certificate of Eligibility for entry of his name on the Roll
of Advocates for Uganda.                                                 5th April. 2006.

 Kampala.                             HELLEN OBURA (MRS.),
 23rd May, 2006.                   Acting Secretary, Law Council.

                                                                             IN THE HIGH COCST OF UGANDA AT KAMPALA
                      (Cap. 230).                                            PROBATE ADMIMSTR-AnON CAUSE NO. 544 OF
                      NOTICE.                                                                2006
       ISSUE OF SPECIAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE.                            In the matter of    Esxae of the Late John Baptist Katungi
 Kyadondo Block 195 Plot 45, Approx. 6.30 Acres at                            Karin—ha formerly of Bwenkoma “B” Rukindo,
                                                                                       Nyïfcsyqjo. Rwampara, Mbarara
   Notice is hereby given that after the expiration of one month
 from the publication hereof. I intend to issue in the names of                                       and
 L»ere Ibrahim and Nankabirwa Mariam (Administrators of the
 esoae of the Late Salama Nabumba, Adm. Cause No. HCT-CV-                    In the matter of an Application for grant of Probate by
 AC-LM605) of the High Court of Uganda, a special Certificate                        George William Katatumba (Brother)
 a Tiae aider the above Block and Plot, the Certificate of Title
 «—ex was originally issued having been lost.
                                                                                            NOTICE OF APPLICATION
        —x                 EDW.ARD KAAHWA TIBESIGWA,
                                                                         TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
              2006.       forAg. Commissioner Land Registration.
                                                                            Take notice that an application for grant of Probate to the
                  REGISTRATION OF TITLES ACT.                            Estate of the above mentioned deceased has been lodged in this
                         Cap. 230).                                      Court by George William Katatumba (Brother) of the deceased.
           taEOF SPECIAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE.                               This Court will proceed to grant the same if no caveat is
                                                                         lodged in this Honourable Court within 14 days from the
           Mdí L25 F
                   *              166.
                                                                         date of publication of this notice, unless cause be shown to
                                    iot after the expiration of one      the contrary.
                      pAfc—oe hereoé I intend to issue in the
                                   iisKTQ a special Certificate of
                                & \*
                                                                              Dated at Kampala, this 11th day of V ... ihe yes» 2GQfi_
                                        Pfcc. ^be Certificate of Title
                                  Scrag been lost.
                                      DDAMUURA AHMED.
                                    C«—a«r Lrd Registration.
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