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28 August 2006

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2006-08-28 number 52

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       The          __                                                                       ______     ...      X AWIPAUA   _   ___
K'gi'ter'd at the   "W" -y                                          "W                                                                     Published

— Uganda Gazette

Vol. XCVIX No. 52                                                              28th August, 2006                                  Price: Shs. 1000

                          CONTENTS                                              Page                  THE REGISTRATION OF TITLES ACT.
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice................                              865                             (Cap. 230).
Advertisements   ...........................................................        865                            NOTICE.
                             SUPPLEMENTS                                                       ISSUE OF SPECIAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE.
                                                                                          Kyadondo Block 120 Plot 25.
No. 14—The Supplementary Appropriation Bi”. 2006.
                                                                                            Notice is hereby given that after the expiration of one
Statutory Instrument
                                                                                          bob±. from the publication hereof, I intend to issue in the
No. 41—The Stamps (Exemption from Scvry Dex) Mzrrse
                                                                                          ases cé Bnpo Lnkccgwa of Kitagobwa Gomb. Mutuba I,
     of Property by Quality Chemical In±^cres Lsf
                                                                                          i       Cerrifvaae oc Tide under the above Block and Plot,
     Instrument, 2006.
                                                                                          ee CrraS~niie of Tate             originally issued having
General Notice No. 446 of 2006.
                          Section 172
       THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT.                                                                 N OTICE OF CH4SGE OFBMC
                    ACT No. 17 OF 2005
                                                                                                                 DEH) TOLL
                       Section 18(l)(b)
                           NOTICE.                                                        By this Deed, I Kasozi Fred o£ PCL Bob
PUBLICATION OF PLACE FOR TALLYING OF VOTES                                                bom on the 22nd January, 1971 at
  OBTAINED DURING THE ELECTIONS IN NEWLY                                                  District, Uganda, the son of Mr. Isaac KawjgjgSgfateËwf
                   CREATED DISTRICTS.                                                     Kalisizo—Kibinge Buddu Masaka Dismct and MnLJtafce
  Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission subject                              Babirye Ssenkaali of the same address, do hereby afcsslrikir
to Section 172 of the Local Governments Act Cap. 243 and in                               renounce and abandon the use of former name Ssoo Fret
                                                                                          the name used during my Baptism, Primary Learnt?
accordance with section 18( 1 Xb) of the Parliamentary Elections
Act, No. 17 of 2005, that the respective Offices of the District                          Examination at Buddo Primary School in 1986, Uganda
Returning Officers are hereby designated the tallying venues for                          Ordinary Certificate of Education at Kako Senior Secondary
purposes of the elections in newly created Districts.                                     School in 1990, Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education
                                                                                          at Mengo Senior Secondary School in 1993, Diploma Level
  The tallying of votes shall commence as soon as                                         at the Institute of Shipping and Management Studies in 1996
practicable on receipt of the Declaration of Results Forms                                and on such other several occasions.
from the respective polling stations.
                                                                                          In lieu thereof from now onwards, use and or confirm the
Issued at Kampala, this 25th day of August, 2006.                                         use of name Kasozi Fred of the address above herein stated.
                                ENG. DR. BADRU M. KIGGUNDU,                               And in pursuance of such change of name aforesaid, I
                                  Chairman, Electoral Commission.                         hereby declare that I at all material times hereinafter in all
                                                                                          records, deeds and instruments in writings and dealings and
                                                                                          transactions and upon all occasions whatsoever when my
             THE REGISTRATION OF TITLES ACT.                                              name shall be required or used, sign and style myself by the
                                    (Cap. 230).                                           name of Kasozi Fred.

                                     NOTICE.                                              I herein further declare that this Deed Poll ratifies all
                                                                                          previous use, sign, deeds, records and instruments in the
                                                                                          assumed name Kasozi Fred.
Busiro Block 378 Plot 34 and Busiro Block 347 Plot 29.
                                                                                          And I hereby authorise all persons to designate and address
  Notice is hereby given that after the expiration of one
                                                                                          me by my assumed name Kasozi Fred.
month from the publication hereof, I intend to issue in the
names of Joswa Bosa Zigulaki of P.O. Box 559, Kampala,
                                                                                          In witness hereof, I have hereunder signed and
special Certificates of Titles under the above Blocks and
                                                                                          my name Kasozi Fred for Ssozi Fred-
Pkxs. the Certificates of Titles w hich w ere originally issued
having been kst                                                                           Dated at Kampala this 2nd dry

ta-ih.                     KANYONYORE JOSEPH.
3 Isl LaN. 2ZOL Jhr Ag. CiwnT rirwer Land Registration.
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