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23 February 2007

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2007-02-23 number 9

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                            Uganda Gazette
  ftcfiiftereil m the                                                                                                        Published
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  traiiMiiission u iihin                                                                                                        by
  CaM Africa a\ a
  \<it s/Hipcr                                                                                                                Authority

  Vol. C No. 9                                               23rd February, 2007                                  Price: Shs. 1000

                     CONTENTS                            Page            General Notice No. 71 of 2007.
  The Mining Act—Notice                                     63               GAZETTING OF ASKAR SECURITY SERVICES
  The Control of Private Security Organisations—Notices     63                                     UNIFORM.
  The National Environmental Management
    Authority—Notices                                   63- 64
  The Companies Act—Notice                                  64             Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation 15(2) of the
  The Labour Unions Act—Notice                              64           Control of Private Security Organisations 1997 (Statutory
  The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications ... 64- 66             Instrument No. 13 of 1997) the general public is hereby notified
  Advertisements                                                         that the duly recognised and operations personnel of Askar
                                                                         Security Services shall don a Uniform described as beneath:
^Ktatutory Instruments                                                   The descriptions are as follows:
                                                                         - A dark blue trouser with short sleeved dark blue shirt.
   No. 7—The Traffic and Road Safety (Speed of Motor                         The shirt has a logo marked on “Askar Security
     Vehicle) (Exemption) Order, 2007.                                       Services” on the left hand side and on the chest left.
   No. 8—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date of
                                                                         - We have dark blue cups with our “Askar Security Services
        Completion of Update of Voters’ Register in Bududa                   Logo” infront. Our supervisors put on light yellow long
        District) Instrument, 2007.                                          sleeved shirt with logos of “Askar Security Services” on the
                                                                             chest and on the left hand side of the shirt. They wear dark
                                                                             blue trousers with dark blue cups with “Askar Security
   General Notice No. 69 of 2007.                                            Services” logo infront. Askar Security Services also have
                                                                             long plastic blue raincoat, black belts and jungle boots.
                  THE MINING ACT, 2003
                            (The Mining Regulations, 2004)               Dated this 30th day of June, 2005.
            NOTICE OF GRANT OF A MINING LEASE                                                            KELLEN KAYONGA (Mrs.),
       It is hereby notified that Mining Lease, number 4564                                                     Managing Director.
   registered as number 205392 has been granted in
   accordance with the provisions of Section 42(1), Section 45           General Notice No. 72 of 2007.
   and Section 46 to Kelvin Shaun Investments Ltd of P.O. Box
   40168, Nakawa, Kampala for a period of twenty one years
   effective from 17th August. 2001.
  The Mining area subjected to the Mining Lease is 20.8
  diectares on topography map. Sheet number 66/3 and
  situated in Kasese district.                                                                  PUBLIC NOTICE
   Dated at Entebbe, this 5th day of September, 2006.                      NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ISSUE A LICENCE FOR
                                                                                   TRANSPORTATION OF WASTE.
                                                  KYAKONYE FRED,
                                for Commissioner for Geological Survey          THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT (WASTE
                                               and Mines Department.              MANAGEMENT) REGULATIONS, 1999
                                                                                          REGULATION 7 (1) (C)
                                                                            Take notice that an application for a Licence for
   General Notice No. 70 of 2007.                                        Transportation of Wastes has been received by the National
       GAZETTING OF SCOUL SECURITY UNIFORM.                              Environment Management Authority (NEMA) from Leo
                              NOTICE                                     Veterinary Consulting Services C/o. P.O. Box 7062, Kampala.
     Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation 15(2) of the
   Control of Private Security Organisations 1997 (Statutory                The transportation of waste will take place from
   Instrument No. 13 of 1997) the general public is hereby               hazardous waste sources including: National Drug
   notified that the duly recognised and operations personnel of         Authority, Uganda National Bureau qf Standards, and
   SCOUL Security shall don a Uniform described as beneath:              Uganda Revenue Authority to Kitetika Village, Masooli
   The descriptions are as follows:                                      Parish. Nangabo Sub-County, Wakiso District.
       SCOUL Security full Uniform is black, cap with                        NEMA will proceed to consider granting the Licence for
       SCOUL logo in front and below the logo is written                 Transportation of Waste to Leo Veterinary Consulting Services if
       "SCOUL SECURITY”                                                  no representation is received at NEMA Offices or at the District
   - The Long sleeved T-Green Shirt has SCOUL Logo                       Environment Office, Wakiso District within thirty (30) days from
       above the left hand pocket and also below the logo is             the date of publication of this notice.
       written “SCOUL SECURITY". The trouser has a big
       black belt about 2 inches in width and black shoes.                   Dated   at   Kampala, this 5th day of October, 2006.
   Dated this 29th day of January. 2007.                                                      ARYAMANYA-MUGISHA HENRY,
                                              A. FIAT OLANG.                                                  Executive Director,
                                  Deputy Chief Security Officer.              National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).
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