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9 March 2007

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2007-03-09 number 12

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Vol. C No. 12                                          9th March, 2007                                       Price: Shs. 1000

                  CONTENTS                           Page         General Notice No. 98 of 2007.
The Local Governments (Rating) Act—Notice       ...    89
The National Council for Higher Education—Notice        89        THE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION.
The Companies Act—Notice ...            ...     ...    89
                                                                            NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REVOKE A
The National Environmental Management
  Authority—Notice             ...      ...     ...    90                         PROVISIONAL LICENCE
The Electricity Regulatory Authority—Notices    ...    90
                                                                       (Under Section 98(l)(b) of the Universities and Other
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications ... 90-96
Advertisements        ...       ...      ...    ... 96-98                  Tertiary Institutions Act, Act No. 7 of 2001).

                                                                  1.       The National Council for Higher Education intends
                                                                           to revoke the provisional licence of Fairland
General Notice No. 97 of 2007.
                                                                           University six months after the date of publication of
        THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS (RATING) ACT                                 this Notice in the Gazette.
                        BOMBO TOWN COUNCIL
                      OFFICE OF THE TOWN CLERK.                   2.       The following are the reasons for the intended
                          P.O. Box 85. BOMBO.                              revocation of the provisional licence:

NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF DRAFT VALUATION LIST                               The University falls short of the standards set by the
          UNDER SECTIONS 11, 12 & 14                                       National Council for Higher Education in the
In accordance with the provisions of the Local Governments                 following areas:
(Rating) Act. 2005, Notice is hereby given to the general                  (a)       Management and governance;
public that:-
                                                                           (b)       Academic staff in terms of qualifications and
1. The draft valuation list for Bombo Town Council has been                          numbers;
                                                                           (c)       The library; and
2. A copy of the draft valuation list is available for
                                                                           (d)       The infrastructure.
inspection for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of
publication of this Notice.                                                                     A.B.K. KASOZL PHD (CALIF).
3. A person may take a copy(ies) and extract(s) from the                         .                            Executive Director,
draft valuation list upon payment of the relevant fee.                                    National Council for Higher Education.

4. Any person who is aggrieved by—
(i)      the inclusion of any rateable property in the draft
         valuation list; or
                                                                  General Notice No. 99 of 2007.
                                                                             THE COMPANIES ACT CAP. 110
(ii) by any value ascribed in the draft valuation list to a
                                                                        IMPERIAL INVESTMENTS FINANCE LIMITED
     rateable property or;
                                                                                       SPECIAL RESOLUTION
(iii) by any other statement made or omitted to be made in
      the draft valuation list with respect to any rateable       At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company held at
      property; or                                                the Company's premises on the 21st day of February, 2007,

(iv) in the case of a building or portion of a building           It was resolved that:—
     occupied in parts, by the valuation in the draft valuation   1.     The Company be wound up voluntarily .
     list of that building or portion of a building as a single
                                                                  2.     Mr. Dan Lubwama be appointed Liquidator of the
     rateable property, may, within thirty (30) days of
                                                                         Company on the same terms and conditions as he has
     publication of this notice, serve notice of objection-              hitherto served the Company; and
     upon the local government to the draft valuation list in
     relation to the rateable property.                           3.     This Resolution be registered at the Companies Registry.
IMPORTANT: A person shall not be entitled to be heard by          Dated at Kampala this 28th day of February, 2007.
the valuation court unless he or she had lodged a notice of
objection within the stipulated time.
                                               PIWANG ELLY.
                               Town Clerk, Bombo Town Council.    Director
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