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2 April 2007

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2007-04-02 number 16

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GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY                                                                                                              153
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                                                                                                                  I Uh REPUBLIC OF I GzXNDa

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Vol. C No. 16 ■                                       2nd April, 2007                                     Price: Shs. 1000

                 CONTENTS                             Page      General Notice No. 149 of 2007.
The Electoral Commission—Notices ...           ... 153-154              THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications       154                              CAP. 140
                                                                                     Section 25( 1)
General Notice No. 148 of 2007.                                 PUBLICATION OF DISPLAY PERIOD FOR PURPOSES
                                                                OF THE ELECTION IN MANAFWA TOWN COUNCIL,
                                                                            MANAFWA DISTRICT
                  Section 107
                   NOTICE                                           Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in
                                                                accordance with Section 25(1) of the Electoral Commission
                                                                Act, (Cap. 140) that the period commencing 13th day of
                                                                March, 2007 and ending the 3rd day of April, 2007 is hereby
                                                                appointed display period of Voters’ Register and verification
               MANAFWA DISTRICT
                                                                of the Registers for Persons with Disabilities and is hereby
    Notice is hereby gi\en b} the Electoral Commission in       published for purposes of the Local Government Council
accordance with Section 107 of the Local Governments Act.       by-election in Manafwa Town Council, Manafwa District.
Cap. 243. that the 3rd day of Maj. 2007 and 10th da_\ of
May. 2007 are hereb} appointed Polling Days for the Local          Display shall be conducted at the respective polling stations
Government Council election in Manafwa Town Council.            from S:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the appointed period.
Manafwa District as specified in the Schedule attached to       Issued at Kampala this 26th day of February. 2007.
the Notice.
                       SCHEDULE                                                         ENG. DR B.ADRU M. KIGGUNDU,
                                                                                          Chairman, Electoral Commission.
Polling Date         Electoral Area

10th May. 2007 Chairperson, Manafwa Towm Council
               Directly Elected Councillor, Manafwa             General Notice No. 150 of 2007.
                                                                        THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT
               Towm Council, Manafwa District;
                                                                                       CAP. 140
               Woman Councillor, Bumwangu Ward,
                                                                                    SECTION 30(1)
               Manafwa Town Council;
               Woman Councillor, Mayenze Ward Manafwa
               Town Council;                                       APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING OFFICERS FOR
                                                                     THE RESPECTIVE ELECTORAL DISTRICTS.
               Woman Councillor, Bubwaya Ward Manafwa
                                                                  Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in
               Town Council;
                                                                accordance with Section 30(1) of the Electoral Commission
               Woman Councillor, Bubulo Ward Manafwa
                                                                Act (Cap. 140), that the following persons are hereby
               Town Council;
                                                                appointed Returning Officers for the respective Districts in
               Directly Elected Councillor, Bumwangu Ward       the Schedule to this Notice.
               Manafwa Town Council;
               Directly Elected Councillor, Mayenze Ward
               Manafwa Town Council;                              Name                                  District
               Directly Elected Councillor, Bubwaya Ward        1. Mr. Mbonigaba Lawrence               Kisoro; and
               Manafwa Town Council; and                        2. Mr. Chuna Moses Kapolon              Moroto
               Directly Elected Councillor, Bubulo Ward
                                                                The following persons are hereby degazetted accordingly as
               Manafwa Town Council;                            Returning Officers in the following districts.
3rd May, 2007 PWD Representatives to Manafwa Town                 Name                          District
              Council. Manafwa District.                        1. Mr. Abdallah Musobya Kiganda Kisoro; and
                                                                2. Mr. Aloka Aloysius           Moroto
Issued at Kampala this 21st day of March, 2007.
                                                                  Issued at Kampala, this 29th day of March. 2007.
                           ENG. DR BADRU M. KIGGUNDU.                                        SR. MARGARET MAGOBA.
                             Chairman, Electoral Commission.                         Ag Chairperson, Electoral Commission.
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