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28 May 2007

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2007-05-28 number 26

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S'ewspaper                Uganda Gazette                                                                                       by

Vol. C No. 26                                                28th May, 2007                                    Price: Shs. 1000

                            CONTENTS                          Page    The objections or complaints will be heard by a Valuation
The Electoral Commission—Notice                ...     ...     229    Court to sit at Mityana Town Council Chambers as per
                                                                      Section 19 of the Local Government (Rating) Act, 2005.
The Local Governments (Rating) Act—Notices .......... 229

                                                                      Please all property owners are urged to inspect the register
                                                                      in person to avoid any regrets in future.
General Notice No. 241 of 2007.

                       Section 172                                                                               TOWN CLERK,
                           and                                                                             Mityana Town Council.
                   ACT No. 17 of 2005.
                     Section 28(l)(a)                                 General Notice No. 243 of 2007.
                     NOTICE                                                           HOIMA TOWN COUNCIL
      BUNAIGA PARISH. KATEBWA SUB-COUNTY.                                          OFFICE OF THE TOWN CLERK
     BUNYANG ABU COUNTY. KABAROLE DISTRICT.                                    P.O. Box 149 Hoi ma (U) Tel: 0465-40038
   Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in
accordance with 28U)(a) of the Parliamentary Elections                 THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS (RATING) ACT, 2005
Act. No. 17 of 2005. that Karugaya Polling Station. Bunaiga                    NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF DRAFT
Parish. Katebwa Sub-county, Bunyangabu County. Kabarole
                                                                                       VALUATION LIST
District is hereby published for purposes of the Local
                                                                                  (Under Sections 11, 12 and 14)
Governments Council Election in Katebwa Sub-county,
Kabarole District.                                                    In accordance with the provisions of the Local Governments
      Issued at Kampala this 25th day of May 2007.                    (Rating) Act, 2005, notice is hereby given to the general
                                                                      public that the Draft Valuation List forHoima Town Council
                                      SR. MARGARET MAGOBA,            area has been completed. A copy of the valuation list is
                          Acting Chairperson, Electoral Commission.   available for inspection at Town Council Offices for a
                                                                      period of 30 days from the date of publication of this notice.

General Notice No. 242 of 2007.                                       Any person may take copy/copies of extract(s) from the
                                                                      Draft Valuation List upon payment of the relevant fees.
                    MITYANA TOWN COUNCIL
              P.O. Box 140 Tel: 046-2033/2148, Mityana
                                                                      Any person aggrieved by:
                          DRAFT VALUATION LISTS                       1. The inclusion of any rateable property in the Draft
The Town Clerk. Mityana Town Council with reference to                   Valuation list.
the Local Governments (Rating) Act, 2005 wishes to inform             2. By value ascribed in the Draft Valuation List of rateable
the general public that the Company which was contracted                 property.
to carry out Valuation of Properties of Mityana Town                  3. By any other statement made or omitted to be made in
Council, i.e. RESCO PROPERTY CONSULTANT                                  the Draft Valuation in respect of any rateable property or.
SURVEYORS has completed its work.                                     4. In the case of building or portion of the building
                                                                         occupied in parts, by valuation in the Draft Valuation
A copy of the Draft Valuation list is open for inspection by             List of that building or portion of the building as a single
the public in the Office of the Town Clerk during working                rateable property, may within 30 days of publication of
hours, i.e. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                         this notice serve notice of objection upon the Local
The property owners are urged to come and check the                      Governments to the Draft Valuation list in relation to
correctness of the values of their properties, and any                   rateable property.
omission or commission.
                                                                      N.B. A person shall not be entitled to be heard by the
The inspection will be for one month from the date of                 Valuation Court unless he/she had lodged a notice of
publication of this notice.                                           objection within the stipulated period.
Any person with an objection should send it to the office of
                                                                                                    KIIZA KENNETH ALFRED,
the Town Clerk within the prescribed period.
                                                                                                Town Clerk, Hoima Town Council.
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