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29 February 2008

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2008-02-29 number 12

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                                                                                    DrvtLC’ ’i'N''

      The                                                                         ~R£NCE l._,KARY

                                                                                                                 THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

“Uganda Gazette
Vol. CI No. 12.                                    29th February, 2008                                     Price: Shs. 1000

                 CONTENTS                              Page     During these 21 days any aggrieved person shall be entitled
The Water Act—Notice        ...       ...      ...       95     to lodge an objection in writing (Forms are available at the
Nansana Town Council—Notice           ...       ...      95     above mentioned offices) stating the grounds on which the
The Electoral Commission—Notices ...            ... 95-99       objection is made.
The Companies Act—Notice ...          ...       ...      99
                                                                No person shall be entitled to be heard by the Valuation
The Trademarks Act—Notice             ...       ...      99
                                                                Court unless he/she has lodged a Notice of objection within
The Advocates Act—Notices ...         ...       ... 99-100
                                                                the stipulated time, in accordance w ith section 13 of the Act.
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications     100-103
                                                                Nansana Town Council rating covers the follow ing Parishes
Advertisements     ...       ...      ...      ... 103-106
                                                                and L.C.I Zones.
                     SUPPLEMENT                                                      PARISHES
Bill                                                               Kazo Ward               Ochieng 7/8 Ward
No. 6—The Anti-Corruption Bill, 2008.                              Nansana East Ward       Nabweru South Ward
                                                                   Nansana West Ward       Nabweru North Ward

General Notice No 89 of 2008.                                                              Zones / Cells
                                                                   Kazo Central I             -    Nabweru South II
                   STATUTORY NOTICE
                                                                   Kazo Central II                 Nabweru South III
    In exercise of powers conferred upon the Minister by
                                                                   Nansana East IA            -    Nansana West IA
Section 45, Part III, of the Water Act, Cap 152, Statute 9 of
                                                                   Nansana East IB            -    Nansana West IB
1997; this statutory notice is hereby made this 11th day of
February 2008 declaring Kaberamaido Town as a Water                Nansana East ILA           -    Nansana West HA
Supply and Sewerage Area; and in exercise of powers                Nansana East IIB           -    Nansana West IIB
conferred upon her by Section 46 of the Water Act, Cap 152,        Ochieng Zone I                  Kazo Lugoba I
the Minister hereby appoints National Water and Sewerage           Ochieng Zone II            -    Kazo Lugoba II
Corporation the Authority in charge of Water Supply and            Nabweru North I            -    Nansana 7/8 I
Sewerage services in that Area.                                    Nabweru North II           -    Nansana 7/8 II
                                     MARIA MUTAGAMBA,              Nabweru South I
                           Minister of Water And Environment.
                                                                Issued at Nansana this 21st day of February 2008.

General Notice No. 90 of 2008.
                                                                                                  PRINCIPAL TOWN CLERK
                   WAKISO DISTRICT
  THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS (RATING) ACT 2005                       General Notice No. 91 of 2008.
                     Section 14 and 15                                 THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT
                                                                                   ACT NO. 17 OF 2005
        2006 FOR NANSANA TOWN COUNCIL                                               SECTION 28(1) (a)
    In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Town                                      NOTICE
Council of Nansana by the above mentioned Act the Public        PUBLICATION OF LIST OF POLLING STATIONS FOR
is hereby notified that the Draft Main Valuation List for           PURPOSES OF THE PARLIAMENTARY BY­
Nansana Town Council has been completed and was                 ELECTION IN BUKOMANSIMBI COUNTY, MASAKA
accordingly laid before the Council.                                              DISTRICT
The list will be available for inspection at Nansana Town           NOTICE is hereby given by the Electoral Commission
Council Headquarters and all L.C.I Offices between the          that the list of polling stations in the Schedule to this Notice
hours of 8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m Monday - Friday for 21 days       is hereby published in accordance with Section 28(l)(a) of
with effect from 29th of February, 2008. Any person shall be    the Parliamentary Elections Act, No. 17 of 2005 for
entitled to inspect the said list and take copies or extract    purposes of the Parliamentary by-election in Bukomansimbi
there from.                                                     County, Masaka District.
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