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18 April 2008

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2008-04-18 number 21

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—OF UCA.OA                                                                                                                THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

Refittered at the                                                                                              *

I—Uganda Gazette A u
Vol. CI No. 21                                           18th April, 2008                                          Price: Shs. 1000

                  CONTENTS                              Page              PARLIAMENTARY (BUIKWE COUNTY SOUTH
The Electoral Commission—Notices ...             ... 187-188                        CONSTITUENCY)
The Companies Act—Notice ...           ...       ...     188
National Council for Higher Education—Notice ...         188                                                                   Symbol for
The Mining Act—Notices                 ...       ...     188          No     Name of Candidate          Political Party       Independent
Oyam Town Council—Notice ...           ...       ...     188                                                                   Candidates
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Appl ications     189-194          1      Bayiga Michael P. Lulume    DP
Advertisements        ...     ...     ...       ... 195-196           2      Gitta Allan                 Independent       Lamp
                                                                      3      Kimbowa Abdallah            Independent       Radio
                                                                      4      Mukasa Anthony Harris       NRM
Legal Notices
No. 3—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act                       LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCILS
     (Publication of Particulars of Private Tertiary
     Institutions issued with Provisional- Licences) Notice,                               Sub­                                       Political
                                                                    No     Category                  Parish        Name
                                                                                           county                                      Party
                                                                     1.    Woman           Ssi       Bbinga        l.Nakalembe         DP
No. 4—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act                 Councillors                             Rebecca
     (Publication of Particulars of Private Universities                                                           2.Sserunjogi        NRM
     issued with Provisional Licences) Notice, 2008.
                                                                           Woman           Koome     Busanga Namutebi                  NRM
                                                                           Councillors                       Teddy
General Notice No. 182 of 2008.                                                                              (Unopposed)
          THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT                                 2.     Directly        Koome     Mubembe Kayondo                   NRM
                         CAP. 243                                          Elected                           Christopher
                        Section 122                                        Councillors                       (Unopposed)
                          NOTICE                                    3.     Female       Ssi                        1.Bagala            DP
     PUBLICATION OF CAMPAIGN PERIOD FOR                                    Councillor                              Peruth
    PURPOSES OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS                                      Representing
  COUNCIL BY-ELECTION IN MUKONO DISTRICT                                   Persons with
   Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in                   Disabilities
accordance with Section 122 of the Local Governments Act,                                                          2.Tumwebaze NRM
Cap. 243. that the period commencing 11th April 2008 and                                                           Rehema
ending 28th April 2008 is hereby appointed and published                   Female          Ngogwe                  Nambi               NRM
campaign period for purposes of the Local Government                       Councillor                              Sylivia
Council by-election in Mukono District.                                    Representing                            (Unopposed)
Issued at Kampala this 10th day of April, 2008.                            Persons with
                        ENG. DR BADRU M. KIGGUNDU,
                                                                           Female          Koome                   Kafuzi Ruth         NRM
                          Chairman, Electoral Commission.
                                                                           Councillor                              (Unopposed)
                                                                           Persons with
General Notice No. 183 of 2008.                                            Disabilities
      THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT,                              4.     Male            Koome                   Sserwadda           NRM
                   Act No. 17 of 2005                                      Councillor                              Hannington
                    Section 28(1 )(b)                                      Representing                            (Unopposed)
                        NOTICE                                             Persons with
PUBLICATION OF LIST OF NOMINATED CANDIDATES                                Disabilities
- FOR PURPOSES OF THE PARLIAMENTARY AND                                    Male            Ngogwe                  Sserwadda           NRM
                                                                           Councillor                              Lawrence
                                                                           Representing                            (Unopposed)
                                                                           Persons with
    Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in                  Disabilities
accordance with Section 28(1 )(b) of the Parliamentary Elections
Act. No. 17 of 2005, that the list of nominated candidates in the   Issued at Kampala this 10th day of April, 2008.
Schedule to this Notice is hereby published for purposes of the
Parliamentary and Local Government Council by-elections in                                       ENG. DR BADRU M.*KIGGUNDU,
Buikwe County South, Mukono District.                                                              Chairman, Electoral Commission.
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