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22 August 2008

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2008-08-22 number 43

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No:„r                                                            V. Ji ftzft^J                 ft/ ft/^Z        Authority

Vol. CI No. 43*                                      22nd August, 2008                                    Price: Shs. 1500

                 CONTEXTS                              Page       General Notice No. 437 of 2008.
The Water Act—Notices        ...      ...       ...     351                          THE ADVOCATES ACT.
The Advocates Act—Notice ...          ...       ...     351                                   NOTICE.
The Companies Act—Notice ...          ...       ...     351       APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY.
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice ...         ...     351
                                                                    It is hereby notified that an application has been
The Mining Act—Notices       ...      ...       ... 352-356
                                                                  presented to the Law Council by Onyango John Francis who
The Trademarks Act—Notice ...         ...       ...     356
                                                                  is stated to be a holder of Bachelor of Laws Degree of
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 356-360
                                                                  Makererc University having been awarded a Degree on the
Advertisements      ...      ...      ...      ... 360-362
                                                                  22nd day of October, 2004 and to have been awarded a
                     SUPPLEMENTS                                  Diploma in Legal Practice by the Law Development Centre
No. 19—The Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2008.                on the 18th day of April, 2008 for the issue of a Certificate
Statutory Instrument                                              of Eligibility for entry of his name on the Roll of Advocates
No. 33—The Insurance (Investment of Paid-up Capital and           for Uganda.
   Insurance Funds) (Amendment) Regulations, 2008.                Kampala.                     BAGEYA MOTOOKA AARON,
Legal Notices                                                     20th August, 2008.         for Acting Secretary-, Law Council.
No. 10—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions
     Act (Publication of Particulars of a Private University
     issued with Provisional Licence) (No. 2) Notice, 2008.       General Notice No. 438 of 2008.
No. 11—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions             THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA, 2000.
     Act (Publication of Particulars of Private Tertiary                                 (Cap. 110).
     Institutions issued with Provisional Licences) (No. 2)                               NOTICE.
     Notice, 2008.
                                                                    Pursuant to section 19(4) of the Companies Act, notice is
Ordinance                                                         hereby given that Agali Awamu Katalc Kakabaka Vendors
No. 2—The Local Governments (Kanungu District) Health             Association Limited has by special Resolution passed on the
    Ordinance, 2008.                                              6th day of February, 2007 and with the approval of the
                                                                  Registrar of Companies changed in name to Awamu
                                                                  Wandcgeya Vendors Association Limited and that such new
General Notice No. 435 of 2008.                                   name has been entered in my Register.
           KIBALE WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM                               Dated at Kampala this 6th day of February, 2007.
                     NOTICE                                                                          BEN TURYASINGURA,
                                                                                            Assistant Registrar of Companies.
    I hereby, ix accordance with the provisions of Sections
45 and 46 of the Water Act, Cap. 152, declare Kibale Town
Council as a Water Supply area and appoint Kibale Town
Council as the Water Authority for the Area, until further        General Notice No. 439 of 2008.
notice.                                                                   THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT.
                          HON. MARIA MUTAGAMBA,                                       CAP. 140
                       Minister of Water and Environment.                           Section 30(1)

General Notice No. 436 of 2008.                                      APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING OFFICER FOR
                                                                          SEMBABULE ELECTORAL DISTRICT
                   STATUTORY NOTICE
                                                                      Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission
    lx exercise of powers conferred upon the Minister by          that Latif Ngonzi, District Registrar, Sembabule District, is
Section 45, Part III, of the Water Act, Cap. 152, Statute 9 of    hereby appointed Returning Officer of Sembabule Electoral
1997; this statutory notice is hereby made this 22nd day of
                                                                  District in accordance with Section 30(1) of the Electoral
May, 2008 declaring Kamwcnge Town Council as a Water
                                                                  Commission Act, Cap. 140.,
Supply and Sewerage Area; and in exercise of powers
conferred upon her by Section 46 of the Water Act, Cap. 152,      By this Notice Mr. Kakembo Ibrahim is hereby degazetted
the Minister hereby appoints Kamwcnge Town Council the            Returning Officer, Sembabule Electoral District.
Authority in charge of Water Supply and Sewerage services in      Issued at Kampala, this 13th day of August, 2008.
that Area.
                           HON. MARIA MUTAGAMBA,                                        ENG. DR. BADRU M. KIGGUNDU,
                         Minister of Water and Environment.                               Chairman, Electoral Commission.
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