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29 August 2008

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2008-08-29 number 44

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Vol. CI No. 44                                        29th August, 2008                                  Price: Shs. 1500

                          CONTENTS                      Page     Statutory Instrument No. 62 of 2007
                                                                 Schedule 3, Part I on guidelines for equating of certificates
The National Council For Higher Education—Notice      363
                                                                 published in Statutory Instrument No.62 of 2007, regulation
The Companies Act—Notices ...          ...    ... 363-364        2(a) should be "at least 5 passes" NOT 5 credits obtained at
The Mining Act—Notice         ...      ...    ...      364       the same sitting.
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 364-372
                                                                 The NCHE regrets any inconveniences caused by Statutory
Advertisements       ...      ...       ...    ... 372-377
                                                                 Instruments Nos. 62 and 63.
    „                      SUPPLEMENTS
Bill                                                             Dated at Kampala this 15th day of August 2008.
No. 20—The Appropriation Bill, 2008.
Acts                                                                                           PROF. MICHEL LEJEUNE
                                                                                                Deputy Executive Director,
No. 13—The Education (Pre-Primary, Primary and Post­
                                                                                    National Council For Higher Education.
    Primary) Act, 2008.

No. 14—The Law Revision (Fines and other Financial
    Amounts in Criminal Matters) Act, 2008.                      General Notice No. 469 of 2008.
                                                                             THE COMPANIES ACT, CAP. 110
General Notice No. 468 of 2008.                                                   SPECIAL RESOLUTION
          CORRIGENDA TO SI Nos. 62 AND 63, 2007                                            OF
The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is                    MESSRS FINANCIAL NEWS (U) LIMITED
mandated by the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions      Passed the First day of July in the Year of Our Lord Two
Act, 2001 to set entry requirements for admission to                                Thousand and Eight.
universities and other tertiary institutions and to equate
qualifications from these institutions.                          AT THE MEETING of the Board duly convened and
                                                                 constituted held the 1st day of July, 2008, at Kampala, the
In exercise of its powers, the NCHE issued Statutory             following resolutions were proposed and duly passed.
Instruments Nos. 62 and 63 of 2007, published in the
Uganda Gazette, No. 72, Vol. C dated 28th December 2007.                              RESOLUTIONS
The NCHE noted two omissions of the entry requirements           1. RESOLVED that the amendments here below be and are
to a bachelor's degree and hereby rectifies the same. The           hereby authorized to be effected to the Memorandum
correct version therefore is:-                                      and Articles of Association of the Company as follows:
Schedule, Part I, SI. No. 63                                        (a) The name FINANCIAL NEWS (U) LTD be
     (a) Direct entry from schools — Uganda Certificate of          substituted for the name ORINAWE EASTERN
         Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes and at least        AFRICA LIMITED.
         two principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate        (b) Also the Company reserves the Trading Name
         of Education (UACE) or its equivalent;                     ORINAWE UGANDA.
     (b) Mature age — aged 25 years and above and has            2. RESOLVED that the Company hereof be and is hereby
         passed the mature age entry examinations with at           authorized to open and operate accounts with MESSRS
         least a 50% mark. The mature age entry                     STANDARD CHARTERED BANK LIMITED, AND
         examinations must have been accredited by the              MESSRS DFCU BANK LIMITED and that MR.
         National Council;
                                                                    EDMOND KIZITO and MR. FRED ABITEGYEKA are
     (c) Diploma — obtained at credit/distinction level in the      hereby appointed/nominated/constituted/and/or anointed
         relevant field from a recognized institution; or           signatories to the Accounts and that any promissory
                                                                    notes or other negotiable instruments in respect thereof
     (d) Bridging course for students who have done their
                                                                    be executed by them jointly at all times.
         secondary education outside Uganda. The
         bridging/access/remedial courses must have been         3. THAT these resolutions be registered with the Registrar
         accredited by the National Council.                        of Companies.
Part III                                                         DATED at Kampala this 8th day of August, 2008.
Minimum entry requirement for an ordinary certificate
programme should be a Uganda Certificate of Education
(UCE) with “at least 3 passes” NOT 3 credits obtained at the
same sitting.                                                     Director                      Secretary
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