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17 October 2008

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2008-10-17 number 52

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                                                                                                                      THE R!-PUBLIC O' :•( i.\N"


—-Uganda Gazette                                                                                                            by

Vol. CI No. 52.                                          17th October, 2008                                   Price: Shs. 1500

                  CONTEXTS                             Page          3. US ISO 3976:2006, Milk fat — Determination of
The Uganda National Bureau of Standards                                 peroxide value
    Act—Notices      ...         ...  ...       ... 445-453             Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies a method for the
The Companies Act—Notices ...         ...       ...     454
                                                                        determination of the peroxide value of anhydrous milk fat.
The Electoral Commission—Notices ...           ...      454
The Advocates Act —Notices       ...  ...       ... 454-455
The Mining Act—Notice            ...  ...       ...     455          4. US ISO 5536:2002, Milk fat products — Determination
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 455-457                 of water content — Karl Fischer method
Advertisements       ...      ...    ...       ... 458-459              Scope: This Uganda Standard describes a method for the
r          r             SUPPLEMENTS                                    determination of the water content of milk fat products by
Statutory Instrument
                                                                        the Karl Fischer (KF) method.
No. 42—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date

   of Completion of Update of Voters’ Register in
   Kyadondo County North Constituency, Wakiso District)              5. US ISO 8262-3:2005, Milk products and milk-based
   Instrument. 2008.                                                    foods — Determination of fat content by the Weibull-
                                                                        Bemtrop gravimetric method (Reference method) —
No. 16—The Supplementary Appropriation Act, 2008.                       Part 3: Special cases
No. 17—The Appropriation Act, 2008.                                     Scope: This Uganda Standard specifics the reference
                                                                        method for the determination of the fat content of milk­
                                                                        based and of liquid, concentrated or dried milk products to
General Notice No. 537 of 2008.                                         which the Rose-Gottllieb method is not applicable; i.e.
          THE UGANDA NATIONAL BUREAU OF                                 those containing distinct quantities of free fatty acids or
                 STANDARDS ACT, 1983                                    those which are not completely soluble in ammonia owing
              (Act No. 1 of 1983, Section 14)                           to the presence of lumps or non-milk ingredients, such as
                                                                        custards, porridges or certain milk-based products for
                                                                        bakery purposes.
It is hereby notified for general information that the National      A.2   WATER AND NATURAL MINERAL WATER
Standards Council, in exercise of the powers conferred upon          6. US 42:2008, Packaged water other than natural
the Council by Section 15 of the Uganda National Bureau of              mineral water _ Specification (2nd Edition)
Standards (UNBS) Act (Cap 327), hereby declare that the                 Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies requirements for
following standards the scopes of which appear hereunder, are           packaged water offered as non-carbcnated (still) water or as
elaborated Uganda National Standards.                                   carbonated (sparkling) water, with or without added minerals
                                                                        or other permitted additives. (This Uganda Standard cancels
These standards may be viewed (and/or obtained at a fee) at
                                                                        and replaces US 42:1999, which has been revised).
the UNBS Head Office. Plot M217 Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 6329, Kampala. Tel: 0414-222367/9, 0414-505995.             7. US 43:2008, Packaged natural mineral waters —
Fax: 0414-286123. E-mail: unbs@infocom.co.ug                            Specification (2nd Edition)
                                                                        Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies the requirements
A        FOOD AM) AGRICULTURE STANDARDS                                 and methods of test for packaged natural mineral waters
A. 1     MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS                                         offered for human consumption. This standard applies to
                                                                        natural mineral water packaged in plastic bottles, glass
1. US 817:2008, Milk fat products — Specification                       bottles, poly bags and other acceptable packaging material.
       Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies requirements and           (This Uganda Standard cancels and replaces US 43:1999,
       methods of sampling and test for anhydrous milk fat.             which has been revised).
       anhydrous buttcroil. butteroil and ghee, which are intended
                                                                     8. US 201:2008, Drinking (potable) watcr — Specification
       for further processing or culinary use.
                                                                        (2nd Edition)
2. US ISO 3595:1976, Milk fat — Detection of vegetable                  Scope: This Uganda Standard prescribes the quality and
       fat by the phytosteryl acetate test                              safety requirements for drinking (potable) water. It also
                                                                        lays down the factors required during surveillance of water
       Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies a method for the
                                                                        sour^'- to ensure that the quality and safety of water is
       detection in milk fat of the presence of the more common
                                                                        maintained. (This Uganda Standard cancels and replaces
       vegetable fats, using the phytosteryl acetate test.              US 201:1994. which has been revised).
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