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21 November 2008

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2008-11-21 number 58

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                            U ganda Gazette :
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Vol. CI No. 58                                              21st November, 2008                                Price: Shs. 1500

                  CONTENTS                             Page            General Notice No. 588 of 2008.
'Hie Electoral Commission Act -Notice................   507                             THE ADVOCATES ACT.
The Mining Act - Notice        ...     ...         ...  507
'Die Advocates Act -Notice     ...     ...         ...  507            APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY.
The Companies Act -Notices ...         ...         ...  507
                                                                          It is hereby notified that an application has been
Hash Security Co. Ltd.- Notice         ...         ...  508
                                                                       presented to the Law Council by Namuleme Teddy who is
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 508-514
Advertisements       ...     ...     ...        ... 514-518            stated to be a holder of Bachelor of Laws of Makerere
                                  SUPPLEMENTS                          University having been awarded a Degree on the 27th day of
Statutory Instrument                                                   October, 2005 and to have been awarded a Diploma in Legal
No. 49 The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date                   Practice by the Law Development Centre on the 18th day of
     of Completion of Update of Voters’ Register in                    April, 2008 for the issue of a Certificate of Eligibility for
     Specified Electoral Areas in Bujumba County                       entry of her name on the Roll of Advocates for Uganda.
     Constituency, Kalangala District and Sembabule                    Kampala,                            STELLA NYANDRIA,
     District) Instrument. 2008.                                       20th November, 2008. for Acting Secretary, Law Council.
No.     18 The              Finance Act. 2008.                         General Notice No. 589 of 2008.
No.     19 - The            Income Tax (Amendment) Act. 2008.
                                                                         THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA 2000.
No.     20 The              Excise Tariff (Amendment) Act, 2008.
No.     21—The              Stamps (Amendment) Act. 2008.                                      (Cap. 110).
No.     22—The              Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act. 2008.                              NOTICE.
                                                                         Pursuant to section 343 (6) of the Companies Act notice is
General Notice No. 586 of 2008.                                        hereby given that the undermentioned Company’s name has
    I IIE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT, CAP. 140.                          been struck off the Register.
                       Section 30(I)                                        PRICE WATERHOUSE CONSULTANTS LIMITED
                         NOTICE                                           Dated at Kampala this 6th day of November, 2008.
    APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING OFFICER FOR                                                                 BEN TURYASINGURA.
           MUBENDE ELECTORAL DISTRICT.                                                          Assistant Registrar of Companies.
  Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission that
Mugcrwa Charles Mugycnyi, Ag. District Registrar,                      General Notice No. 590 of 2008.
Mubcnde District, is hereby appointed Returning Officer of               THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA 2000.
Mubende Electoral District in accordance with section 30( 1)
                                                                                                (Cap. 110).
of the Electoral Commission Act, Cap. 140.
  By this Notice Ms. Gaudy Kiconco is hereby degazetted
                                                                         Pursuant to section 343 (6) of the Companies Act notice is
Returning Officer. Mubende Electoral District.
                                                                       hereby given that the undermentioned Companies’ names
Issued at Kampala this 17th day of November, 2008.                     hve struck off the Register.
                                   ENG DR. BADRU M. KIGGUNDU,             1. NEC PHARMACEUTICAS LIMITED
                                     Chairman, Electoral Commission.      2. THE NECTARINE BAR AND RESTAURANT LIMITED
                                                                          3. NECLIME DURA COMPANY LIMITED
General Notice No. 587 of 2008.
                                                                          Dated at Kampala this 17th day of November, 2008.
                   THE MINING AC T. 2003
               (The Mining Regulations. 2004)                                                           MUGO YA IIUM PI IRE Y,
NOTICE OF GRANT OF EXPLORATION LICENCES.                                                        Assistant Registrar of Companies.
    It :s hereby notified that Exploration Licences. Numbers
                                                                        General Notice No. 591 of 2008.
El_ 0381. El. 0382 and 0383 registered as Numbers 000512.
000511 and OOO5I3 respectively have been granted in                         riff COMPANIES ACT. LAWS OF’ UGANDA 2000.
accordance with the provisions of Section 27 and Section 29 to                                   (Cap. 1 10).
M/s Dome Mines Ltd. of P.O. Box 23525. Kampala for a period                                       NOTICE.
of three (3) years effective from 28th October. 2008.                      Pursuant to section 343 (3) of the Companies Act. Notice
                                                                        is hereby given that unless cause is shown to the contrary
Inc Exploration z\rca subject to the Exploration Licences is
268 Km'. 47 Km’ and 262 Km' on Topography Maps. Sheet                   the name of the following Company will be struck off the
Numbers 5/4. 19/4 and 4/3 & 4 respectively, situated in                 Register after the expiration of three months from the date
Mono. Nebbi and Koboko Districts.                                       of publication of this notice.
Dated at Entebbe this 3rd day of November. 2008.                             HOWARD HUMPHREYS UGANDA LIMITED
                                             C.B. WANDER A.               Dated at Kampala this 6th day of November. 2008.
                      for Commissioner for Geological Survey                                          MAUDAII ATUZARIRWE.
                                       and Mines Department.                                    Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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