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8 May 2009

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2009-05-08 number 20

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       The                                                                                                                til UH hl> <■ IGIM’S

 ^Uganda Gazette
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                  *>"   "IT                         "Yl                                                  A    A             Published

 \()I. CI1 No. 20                                          8th May, 2009                                          Price: Shs. 1500

                CONTENTS                               Page             General Notice No. 132 of 2009.
TheLocal Governments (Rating) Act —Notice ...           251                        THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT
The Electoral Commission —Notices ...          ...      251                                        CAP. 243
The Mining Act—Notice        ...       ...     ...      252                                       Section 107
TlteCompanies Act—Notices ...          ...     ...      252                                          AND
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 252-254                          THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT
Advertisements     ...       â– â– â–       ...       ...254-256                                         CAP. 140
                                                                                               Section 12( 1 )(a)
                                                                          PUBLICATION OF POLLING DAY FOR PURPOSES OF
                                                                             THE COUNTRY WIDE LOCAL GOVERNMENT
 General Notice No. 131 of 2009.                                          COUNCIL BY-ELECTIONS AND BY-ELECTIONS FOR
     WAKISO DISTRICT LOCAL GOVERNMENT                                           THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCILS.
 OFFICE OF THE CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER                                 Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in
                                                                        accordance with Section 107 of the Local Governments /\ct.
        P.O. Box 7218. KAMPALA. UGANDA                                  Cap. 243 and Section 12(1)00 of the Electoral Commission
  NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF DRAFT VALUATION                               Act. Cap. 140, that the dates in the Schedule to this Notice are
      LIST UNDER SECTIONS IL 12 AND 14.                                 hereby appointed polling days for purposes of the
                                                                        Countrywide Local Governments Council by-elections.
  In accordance with the provisions of the Local
Governments (Rating) Act. 2005. notice is hereby given to
                                                                        Polling Date         Electoral Area
the general public that:                                                                     Polling day for the Countrywide,
                                                                        21st May, 2009
1. The Draft Valuation List for areas of Katabt and Ssissa                                   Local Government by-elections
    Sub-counties has been completed.                                    25th May. 2009       Polling day for Special Interest
                                                                                             Groups representatives to the Local
2. A copy of the Draft Valuation List is available for inspection                            Government Council; and
   at the District, the res|xctive Sub-counties. Parish and LC I        25th May. 2009       Polling day for Woman Councillor.
   offices for a period of thirty (30) days from 28(h April 2009.                            Magondo Parish, Burunga Sub-county,
3. A person may take a copy(ies) and extract(s) from the                                     Kiruhura District.
   Draft Valuation List upon payment of the relevant fee.               Issued at Kampala this 5th day of May, 2009.
4. Any person who is aggrieved by:                                                             ENG DR. BADRU M. KIGGUNDU,
                                                                                                 Chairman, Electoral Commission.
   (i) (he inclusion of any rateable property in the Draft
       Valuation List; or                                                General Notice No. 133 of 2009.
   (ii) by any value ascribed in the Draft Valuation List to a                     THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT
        rateable property; or                                                                     CAP. 243
                                                                                               Section 119(1)
   (iii) by any other statement made or omitted to be made                                        NOTICE
        in the draft valuation list with respect to any rateable              APPOINTMENT OF NOMINATION DAYS FOR
        property; or                                                           PURPOSES OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT
                                                                           COUNCIL BY-ELECTION IN MAGONDO PARISH.
   (iv) in the case of a building or portion of a building                 BURUNGA SUB-COUNTY. KIRUHURA DISTRICT
       occupied in pans by the valuation in the Draft Valuation             Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in
       List of that building or portion of a building as a single       accordance with Section 119( I) of the Local Governments Act
       rateable property, may. within thirty (30) days of               (Cap. 243). that the 12th day of May, 2009 and 13th day of
       publication of this notice, serve notice of objection upon       May. 2009 are hereby appointed nomination days and
       the Local Government to the Draft Valuation List in              published for purposes of the Local Government Council by­
                                                                        election for Woman Councillor. Magondo Parish. Burunga
       relation to the rateable property.
                                                                        Sub-county, Kazo County in Kiruhura Electoral District.
IMPORTANT: A person shall not be entitled to be heard by                    Nominations shall be conducted at the Returning
the Valuation Court unless he or she had lodged a notice of             Officer's Office between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p in. on each of
objection within the stipulated time.                                   the appointed dates.
                                                                        Issued at Kampala this 5th day of May. 2009.
                          CItief .4(himiistratii'e Officer                                    ENG. DR. BADRU M. KIGGUNDU.
            WAKISO DISTRICT LOCAL GOVERNMENT.                       |
                                                                                                  Chairman. Electoral Commission.
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