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22 January 2010

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2010-01-22 number 4

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THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA                                                                       A        ?                                      THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

Registered at the        ’W   T"                      "W                 ^^4                                      ~W            A              Published

                         I         fTQ T-! /■ d                          ■ d r/OPT O                                                               by
X^'Caa5fl                                                                XjwÁvllV                                                               Authority

Vol. CI11 No. 04                                       22nd January, 2010                                                              Price: Shs. 1500

                CONTENTS                                  Page                                   CORRIGENDUM
The Mining Act—Notice         ...    ...      ...           19
The Companies Act—Notices ...        ...      ...           20           Take notice that the Trademark No. 32658 advertised
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications         20-27            in the Uganda Gazette Volume CII No. 58 under
Advertisements     ...       ...      ...      ...       27-29
                                                                         General Notice No. 512 of 2009 dated 4th December,
                              SUPPLEMENTS                                2009 in the names of Blue Line Industries (U) Limited,
Statutory Instruments                                                    P.O. Box 36197 was erroneously represented as below:
No.  2—The Stamps (Exemption from Stamp Duty)
       (Registration of Land by Emmaus Foundation)
       Instrument. 2010
No. 3—The Gaming and Pool Betting (Control and
       Taxation) (Gaming and Pool Bets Tax) Order, 2010.                                   '_________________ ______________________     J

No. A—The Traffic and Road Safety (Speed of Motor
       Vehicle) (Exemption) Order, 2010.                                                   lEMPERERj
                                                                         The correct representation is as beside

                THE ANTI CORRUPTION ACT, 2009
                       (Act No. 6 of 2009)
      (Issued by Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation)
In the printing of the above Act, a typographical error
appears in the numbering of Section 19(d).
Section 19(d) is reprinted as follows with the error
                                                                         Dated at Kampala, this 20th day of January, 2010.

“19. Emblezzlement.                                                                                                          KATUTSI VINCENT,
A person who being—                                                                               Assistant Registrar of Trademarks.
(a)     an employee, a servant or an officer of the Government
        or a public body;
(b) a director, an officer or an employee of a company or a              General Notice No. 16 of 2010.
    corporation;                                                                         THE MINING ACT, 2003
(c)     a clerk or servant employed by any person, association                         (The Mining Regulations, 2004)
        or religious or other organisation; or
                                                                         NOTICE OF GRANT OF EXPLORATION LICENCES.
(d) a member of an association or a religious organisation
    or other organisation,                                                   It is hereby notified that Exploration Licences, Number
                                                                         EL 0544 and EL 0545 registered as number 000683 and
steals a chattel, money or valuable security—
                                                                         000685 respectively have been granted in accordance with the
(i)     being the property of his or her employer, association,          provisions of Section 27 and Section 29 to M/s Oryx Minerals
        company, corporation, person or religious organisation           Ltd. of P.O. Box 1109, Kabale, for a period of three (3) years
        or other organisation;                                           effective from the 07th day of December, 2009.
(ii) received or taken into possession by him or her for or              The exploration areas subject to the Exploration Licences
     on account of his or her employer, association,                     are 274km2 and 58.5km2 and are on Topography Map Sheet
     company, corporation, person or religious organisation              Numbers 93/2 & 4 and 93/1 & 2 respectively and are
     or other organisation; or
                                                                         situated in Kabale and Kisoro Districts. '
(iii) to which he or she has access by virtue of his or her
      office;                                                            Dated at Entebbe this 07th day of December, 2009.

commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of                                                       GRACE NAKKU,
imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years or a fine not                                      for Commissioner for Geological Survey
exceeding three hundred and thirty six currency points, or both”.                                           and Mines Department.
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