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23 April 2010

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2010-04-23 number 23

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THE REPl'BUC OF I’OANDA                                                                                                     THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

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                          Uganda Gazette
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Vol. CIII No.. 23                                     23rd April, 2010                                            Price: Shs. 1500

                 CONTENTS                              Page      General Notice No. 156 of 2010.
Kampala City Council—Notice           ...       ...     181
                                                                   THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA, 2000.
The Companies Act—Notices ...         ...       ...     181
The Engineers Registration Act—Notice ...       ... 182-189                       (Cap. 110).
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice           ... 190-193                                       NOTICE.
The Uganda Police—Notice      ...     ...       ... 194-196
                                                                   Pursuant to section 343(3) of the Companies Act, notice is
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 197-198
                                                                 hereby given that unless cause is shown to the contrary the
Advertisements        ...     ...     ...      ... 199-200
                                                                 name of the following company will be struck off the Register
                                                                 after the expiration of three months from the date of
Statutory Instrument
                                                                 publication of this notice.
No. 16—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date
   of Completion of Update of Voters’ Register in Mukono                                COFIPLAS LIMITED
   North Constituency, Mukono District) Instrument, 2010.          Dated at Kampala this 14th day of April, 2010.
Ordinance                                                                      MERCY KYOMUGASHO K. NDYAHIKAYO,
No. 1—Local Governments (Rukungiri District)                                            Assistant Registrar of Companies.
   (Community Based Organisations) Ordinance, 2010.

General Notice No. 155 of 2010.
                                                                 General Notice No. 157 of 2010.
                      CITY COUNCIL OF KAMPALA
                                                                   THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA, 2000.
                   AREAS                                                                       (Cap. 110).
Pursuant to the Local Governments Act, Second Schedule,                                         NOTICE.
Part 3 Regulation 28(e).
                                                                   Pursuant to section 19(4) of the Companies Act, notice is
Kampala City Council as a Local Government is mandated           hereby given that Makindye Boda Boda Owners & Riders
to provide, control and manage Public Vehicle Parking.           Association has by special Resolution passed on the 20th day
                                                                 of November, 2009 and with the approval of the Registrar of
Hereto attached is a list of areas designated for Public         Companies changed in name to Security for Boda Boda
Vehicle Parking for specified categories of vehicles as          Owners & Riders Association (SOBERA) and that such new
indicated:                                                       name has been entered in my Register.

1. Plot No. 2A Station Approach                                    Dated at Kampala this 15th day of January, 2010.
   Lorries and Picks-ups.
                                                                               MERCY KYOMUGASHO K. NDYAHIKAYO,
2. Plot No. 5-9 Katwe Road-Kalitunsi                                                    Assistant Registrar of Companies.
   Lorry Park Lorries and Pick-ups.

3. Plot No. 99A - 107A Nakivubo Road
   Lorries.                                                      General Notice No. 158 of 2010.
4. 5th Street                                                      THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA, 2000.
   At the junction with 6th Street
                                                                                                (Cap. 110).
   Heavy and light Pick-up trucks.
5. Nateete Park Plot No.
   Buses, Lorries, Pick-ups and Commuter Taxis.                    Pursuant to section 19(4) of the Companies Act, notice is
                                                                 hereby given that Save the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
6. Plot No. 102-104 and 106 Kiira Road
                                                                 Everywhere (SATOVE) Limited (By Guarantee) has by
   Lorries and Pick-ups.
                                                                 special Resolution passed on the........................................ and
7. Plot No. 260 Block 38 Wandegeya Park Yard                     with the approval of the Registrar of Companies changed in
   Pick-ups and Special Hires.                                   name to Community Driven Initiatives Uganda Limited (By
                                                                 Guarantee) and that such new name has been entered in my
Parking in the above designated areas will attract a monthly     Register.
user fee to be fixed and collected by Council or its appointed
agents.                                                            Dated at Kampala this 19th day of April, 2010.

                                    MUWONGE-KEWAZA,                                                          JULIET NASSUNA,
                                     For Acting Town Clerk.                                      Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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