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5 July 2010

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2010-07-05 number 42

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GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY                                                                                                                        393

                                The                                                                                           THE REPUBLIC 01 UGANDA

                          U ganaa Gfazette
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Vol. CHI No. 42                                                     5th July, 2010                                      Price: Shs. 1500

                 CONTENTS                              Page                  General Notice No. 269 of 2010.
The Electoral Commission Act—Notices.............. 393-394                             THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT
The National Environment Act—Notices           ...      394                                      CAP. 243
Advertisements                                  ...394-395                                      Section 182
General Notice No. 268 of 2010.                                                      THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT
        THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT                                                                    CAP. 140
                       (Cap. 140)
                                                                                                     Section 12(l)(a)
                                Section 30(1)
                                  NOTICE                                       APPOINTMENT OF POLLING DAY FOR INTERIM
   THE NEWLY CREATED DISTRICTS SPECIFIED IN                                      Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission
               THE SCHEDULE.                                                 that subject to the provision of Section 182 of the Local
    Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in                    Governments Act, Cap. 140 and in accordance with Section
accordance with Section 30(1) of the Electoral Commission                    12( 1 )(a) of the Electoral Commission Act, Cap 140, that the
                                                                             7th day of July, 2010 is hereby appointed polling day for the
Act, (Cap. 140) that appointments have been made for the
                                                                             election of Interim Chairpersons in the newly created
Officers in the Schedule to this Notice as Returning Officers
                                                                             districts that came into effect as of 1st July, 2010.
for the respective Electoral Districts specified in the said
Schedule.                                                                    The polling shall be conducted in the designated venues in
                        SCHEDULE                                             the Schedule to this Notice.
 No.      Name                      Title               District
  1.      Ahebwa A. Christine       Returning Officer   Bukomansimbi           No.        District                         Venue
 2.       Akanyijuka Godfrey        Returning Officer   Gomba                 1.     Kalungu                Kalungu Trading Centre
                                    Returning Officer   Serere                2.     Bukomansimbi           Bukomansimbi Trading Centre
 3.       Akol Sarah
                                    Returning Officer   Ngora                 3.     Butambala              Gombe Trading Centre
 4.       Angom Ococ Ruth
                                    Returning Officer   Alebtong              4.     Lwengo                 Lwengo Trading Centre
 5.       Ayo Nelson Odima
                                                        Kyankwanzi            5.     Mitooma                Mitooma Trading Centre
 6.       Baguma D. Rogers          Returning Officer
                                                                              6.     Rubirizi               Rubirizi Trading Centre
 7.       Ewal Benjamin             Returning Officer   Kole
                                                                              7.     Sheema                 Kibingo Trading Centre
 8.       Ezale Oshman              Returning Officer   Nwoya
                                                                              8.     Buhweju                Nsiika Trading Centre
 9.       Kasakya Rashid            Returning Officer   Agago
                                                                              9.     Ngora                  Ngora Trading Centre
  10.     Kisarale Raymond          Reluming Officer    Kiryandongo
                                                                              10.    Napak                  Lorengecora Trading Centre
  11.     Kunihira Christine        Returning Officer   Bulambuli
                                                                              11.    Kibuku                 Kibuku Trading Centre
  12.     Male K. James             Returning Officer   Ntoroko
                                                                              12.    Nwoya                  Anaka Trading Centre
  13.     Mayanja M. Mark           Returning Officer   Butambala
                                                                              13.    Kole                   Kole Trading Centre
  14.     Najjuka Rashida           Returning Officer   Kween
                                                                              14.    Agago                . Pantongo Trading Centre
  15.     Mukundane David           Returning Officer   Rubirizi
                                                                              15.    Kween                  Binyiny Trading Centre
  16.     Musinguzi Tolbert         Returning Officer   Nsiika
                                                                              16.    Alebtong               Alebtong Trading Centre
  17.     Musoke Martin             Returning Officer   Lwengo
                                                                               17.   Bulambali              Muyende Trading Centre
  18.     Nabukenya Teddy           Returning Officer   Mitooma
                                                                              18.    Buvuma                 Buvuma Trading Centre
  19.     Asiimwe Deborah           Returning Officer   Ki bingo
                                                                              19.    Gomba                  Kanoni Trading Centre
  20.     Nakong Ann                Returning Officer   Napak
                                                                              20.    Kiryandongo            Kiryandongo
  21.     Namazzi Immaculate        Returning Officer   Kalungu
                                                                              21.    Kyankwanzi             Butemba Trading Centre
  22.     Nekesa Assey              Returning Officer   Buvuma
                                                                              22.    Luuka                  Luuka Trading Centre
  23.     Kabukaire Sarah           Returning Officer   Kibuku
                                                                              23.    Namayingo              Namayingo Trading Centre
  24.     Ebong Denis               Returning Officer   Luuka
                                                                              24.    Ntoroko                Rwebisengo Trading Centre
  25.     Tusingwire A. Mary        Returning Officer   Namayingo
                                                                              25.    Serere                 Serere Trading Centre
        Issued at Kampala, this 1st day of July, 2010.                          Issued at Kampala, this 1st day of July, 2010.

                                       JOSEPH N. BIRIBONWA,                                                 JOSEPH N. BIRIBONWA,
                           Ag. Chairperson, Electoral Commission.                               Ag. Chairperson, Electoral Commission.
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