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27 August 2010

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2010-08-27 number 52

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                                                                                                                           THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

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—Uganda Gazette
Registered at rhe                                                                                                            Published

Vol. CIII No. 52                                              27th August, 2010                                    Price: Shs. 1500

                CONTENTS                             Page                uncontested by the applicant. Representations of the marks
The Companies Act—Notice ...         ...      ...     915                herein advertised can be inspected at the office of the
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 915-920                  Registrar of Trade Marks, Amamu House, Plot No. 5B
Advertisements     ...       ...     ...      ... 921-922                George Street, P.O. Box 6848, Kampala.

                                                                         (21)        Application No. 2010/41094      in   Part “A”.
                                SUPPLEMENT                               (52)                    Class 16.
Legal Notice
No. 15—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions
   Act (Publication of Particulars of a Private Tertiary
   Institution issued with a Provisional Licence) (No. 6)
   Notice, 2010.

                                                                         (53) Disclaimer— Registration of this Trademark shall give
General Notice No. 338 of 2010.                                                  no right to the exclusive use of the words ‘Good
         THE COMPANIES ACT (CAP. 110) LAWS OF                                    Family, Great Wealth’ except as represented.
                                UGANDA 2000.                             (59)
                                                                         (57) Nature of goods— Paper, cardboard and goods made
  Pursuant to Section 19(4) of the Companies Act (Cap.                           from these materials, not included in other classes;
110) Laws of Uganda, 2000, notice is hereby given that                           printed matter; bookbinding materials; photographs;
                                                                                 stationery; adhesives for stationery or household
“Uganda Counselling and Help Services Ltd” has by a
                                                                                 purposes; artists’ materials; paint brushes; typewriters
special resolution passed on 16th August, 2010 and with a
                                                                                 and office requisites (except furniture); instructional
approval of the Registrar of Companies changed in name to                        and teaching materials (except apparatus); plastic
“Uganda Counselling and Support Services Ltd” and that                           materials for packaging (not included in other
such new name has been entered in my Register.                                    classes); printers’ type; printing blocks.
                                                                         (73) Name of applicant— Lucky Family Business Ltd.
   Dated at Kampala, this 18th day of August, 2010.
                                                                         (77) Address— P.O. Box 29643, Kampala, Uganda.
                                                      RUTA DARIUS,
                                                                         (22) Date offiling application— 2nd August, 2010.
                                     Assistant Registrar of Companies.
                                                                         (21)        Application No. 2010/41143 in Part “A”
                                                                         (52)                    Class 33.
General Notice No. 339 of 2010.                                                                    (54)

                         THE TRADE MARKS ACT.                            (53)           GOLD SEAL
                                     (Cap. 83).                          (59)
                                                                         (57) Nature ofgoods—Alcoholic beverages (except beers).
  Notice is hereby given that any person who has grounds                 (73) Name of applicant— London Distillers [U] Ltd.
to oppose the registration of any of the marks advertised                (77) Address— P.O. Box 1846, Jinja, Uganda.
herein may within sixty days from the date of this Gazette,
lodge a Notice of opposition on Trade Mark Form No. 6
                                                                         (22) Date offiling application— 18th August, 2010.
together with a fee of Shs. 4000 in case of National
applicants or USS 250 in case of Foreign applicants. The
                                                                         (21)        Application No. 2009/40027 in Part “A”.
period of lodging Notice of opposition may be extended in
                                                                         (52)                    Class 5.
suitable cases by the Registrar as he thinks fit upon such
terms as he may direct. Formal opposition should not be                                            (54)
lodged until after reasonable notice has been given by letter
to the applicant so that he may have an opportunity to with
draw his application before the expense of opposition
proceedings is incurred. Failure to give such notice will be             (53)
taken into account in considering any application by the                 (59)
opponent for an order for costs if the opposition is                     (64)
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