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21 March 2011

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2011-03-21 number 20

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Vol. CIV No. 20                                                        21st March, 2011                                                        Price: Shs. 1500

                  CONTENTS                                         .    Page         RESULTS FOR REPRESENTATIVES OF TOE UGANDA PEOPLES’ DEFENCE
                                                                                       FORCES AND WOMAN YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE TO PARLIAMENT,
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice ...                            777-778 '                           GENERAL ELECTIONS 2011
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications                      779-780
                                                                                     Name of Candidate                           Category     Party         Votes      Status
Advertisements...    ............... ...  ...                            780                                                     UPDF                        215       WINNER
                                                                                     GEN. ARONDA NYAKAIRIMA
                                       SUPPLEMENT                                    GEN. ELLY TUMWINE                           UPDF                        162       WINNER
                                                                                     GEN. DAVID TINYEFUZA                        UPDF                        163       WINNER
Legal Notice
                                                                                     LT. GEN. KATUMBA WAMALA                     UPDF                        228       WINNER
No. 1—The Inquests (Appointment of Coroner) Notice, 2011.
                                                                                     MAJ. GEN. Dr. J.F. OKETTA                   UPDF                        124       WINNER
                                                                                     MAJ. GEN.JIM OWOYESIGIRE                    UPDF                         126      WINNER
General Notice No. 197 of 2011.                                                      MAJ. GEN. JOSHUA MASABA                     UPDF                          85
                                                                                     MAJ. GEN. ANDREW GUTTI                      UPDF                          54
                                                                                     BRIG. ROBERT RUSOKE                         UPDF                         108
                 NO. 17 OF 2005 (As Amended)                                         BRIG. CHARLES ANGINA                        UPDF                         123      WINNER
                            AND                                                      BRIG. CHARLES OTEMA                         UPDF                          45
THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS (AMENDMENT)                                              COL. DIBA SSENTONGO                         UPDF                          63
                                                                                     COL. RAMATHAN KYAMULESIRE                   UPDF                          51
            ACT NO. 12 OF 2010
                                                                                     COL. PHLNEHAS KAT1RLMA                      UPDF                         131      WINNER
               SECTION 13
                                                                                     COL. GEORGE IGUMBA                          UPDF                          68
                                             AND                                     COL. INNOCENT OULA                          UPDF                          26
                                                                                     COL. MICHAEL ONDOGA                         UPDF                          38
                     THE LOCAL GOVERMENTS ACT                                        LT. COL. HENRY MATSIKO                      UPDF                          43
                          CAP. 243 (As Amended)                                      LT. COL. MICHAEL KISAME                     UPDF                          81
                             SECTION 137                                             MAJ. SARAH MPABWA                           UPDF                        215        WINNER
                                                                                     CAPT. SUSAN LAKOT                           UPDF                         159       WINNER
                                            NOTICE                                   CAPT. DOROTHY TAPI                          UPDF                         121
                                                                                     AMOD1NG MONICAH                             FEMALE
       PUBLICATION OF THE PARLIAMENTARY AND                                                                                      YOUTH         NRM           249        WINNER
        LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCIL GENERAL                                             ASASIRA B. DEBORAH                          FEMALE
               ELECTION RESULTS, 2011                                                                                            YOUTH         INDEP.          89

Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission that                                      RESULTS FOR DISTRICT WOMAN MEMBER OF
                                                                                               PARLIAMENT. GENERAL ELECTIONS 2011
the results in the Schedule to this Notice are hereby
                                                                                     District Name    Party Name    Names                                           Votes   Status
published subject to Section 13 of the Parliamentary                                 047   KAYUNGA      FDC        NAKWEEDE HARRIET                             14.372
Elections (Amendment) Act, No. 12 of 2010 and in                                     047   KAYUNGA      NRM        N.ANTA BA ID AH ERIOS                        43.793      WINNER
                                                                                     047   KAYUNGA      INDEP       NAY1GA FLORENCE SSEKABIRA                   23.127
accordance with Section 137 of the Local Government
Council Act, Cap. 243 (as amended).                                                  KEYtlNDEP.—Independent NRM—National Resistance Movement: UPC—Uganda Peoples Congress:
                                                                                            FDC—Forum for Demoratic Change: UFA—Uganda Federal Alliance.


         District                       Constituency                   Party               Nantes                                                     Votes Cast        Status

0S9      BULAMBULI               130    BULAMBULI COUNTY               FDC                 GASHARI SAMUEL                                                  11,772

089      BULAMBULI               130    BULAMBULI COUNTY               NRM                 WAMAKUYU MIDIMI                                                 26,198       WINNER

0S9      BULAMBULI               130    BULAMBULI COUNTY               INDEPENDENT         MAKAI MILTON                                                      815

089      BULAMBULI               130    BULAMBULI COUNTY               UPC                 WOKANYASI JULIUS                                                  441

24       MASAKA                  121    MASAKA MUNICIPALITY            DP                  KAWANGA JOHN BAPTIST                                             3382

24       MASAKA                  121    MASAKA MUNICIPALITY            NRM                 KIZZA MUJOOBE FRANCIS XAVIER                                     5537        WINNER
"•4      MASAKA                  121    MASAKA MUNICIPALITY            INDEPENDENT         SSENNYONDO KAWOOYA GODFREY                                        322

24       MASAKA                  121    MASAKA MUNICIPALITY            INDEPENDENT         MUTESASIRA PETER                                                    SO

24       MASAKA                  121    MASAKA MUNICIPALITY            INDEPENDENT         NAKAWUKI SUSAN                                                   269S

24      MASAKA                   121    MASAKA MUNICIPALITY            INDEPENDENT         MPUUGA MATHIAS                                                  15103        WINNER

09 ’     KABALE              045        NDORWA COUNTY EAST             UPC                 RUKUNDO EMMANUEL BETEKIRE                                        6.667

09       KABALE              045        NDORWA COUNTY EAST             FDC                 BEINGANA LEONARD TAAZA                                           2.039

09       KABALE              045        NDORWA COUNTY EAST             NRM                 NIWAGABA WILFRED                                                23.484        WINNER

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