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17 October 2011

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2011-10-17 number 62

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GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY                                                                                                            1953

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                              5 * Look
                                                                                                                    THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

                                 -y- NO i AVAILABLE rOR LTB '                                                         Published

                         Uganda Gazette u
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Vol. CIV No. 62                                            17th October, 2011                                Price: Shs. 1500

                   CONTENTS                           Page            General Notice No. 587 of 2011.
The Mining Act—Notice         ...  ...     ...       1953                              THE MARRIAGE ACT
The Marriage Act—Notice ...        ...     ...       1953                          [Cap. 251 Laws of Uganda, 2000]
The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Regulations—                                           NOTICE
  Notice      ...        ... ...    ...     ...       1953
                                                                                     [Under Section 5 of the Act]
The Companies Act—Notices          ...      ... 1954-1955
The Electoral Commission Act—Notice        ...        1955                 PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGES
The Trademarks Act—Alteration of a Registered                             In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section
  Trademark              ... ...    ...     ...       1955            5 of the Marriage Act, I hereby licence the place of Public
Advertisements.............. ...    ...     ... 1955-1960             Worship mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be place for
                                SUPPLEMENT                            celebration of marriages.
Statutory Instrument                                                                        SCHEDULE
No. 54—The Trade (Licensing) (Amendment of Schedule)
   (No. 2) Instrument, 2011.                                          Church              —       Mission and Evangelism
                                                                                                 Ministries International
                                                                      Denomination        —      Pentecostal
                                                                      Place               —      Plot No. 1536, 2640, 1639,
This is to notify that the trademark No. 2011/43477 ‘UIS’ in                                     Block 229, Ntebetebe
                                                                      Sub-County          —-     Kira
whose legal address is P.O. Box 728, Entebbe, advertised in
                                                                      County              —       Kira Town Council
the Uganda Gazette Volume CIV No. 46 under General
                                                                      District            —       Wakiso
Notice No. 418 of 2011 dated 15th July, 2011 was
erroneously advertised in the names of UGANDA                         Region              —      B Uganda
                                                                                                    HON. KAHINDA OTAFIIRE,
The correct applicant is/should have been KENBE                                    Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.
INVESTMENTS LIMITED, P.O. Box 10947, Kampala.
Dated this Tuesday, August 02, 2011.
                   MERCY KYOMUGASHO K. NDYAHIKAYO,                    General Notice No. 588 of 2011.
                            Asstant Registrar of Trademarks.             UGANDA REGISTRATION SERVICES BUREAU.

                                                                      The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Regulations, 2010.
General Notice No. 586 of 2011.                                                              FORM 2

                           THE MINING ACT, 2003.                       NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF
                         (The Mining Regulations, 2004).                  COPYRIGHT OR NEIGHBOURING RIGHT.
                                                                         Take notice that Mrs. Romell Ann Booker-White, RN
   It is hereby notified that Exploration Licence, Number             [RET] P. O. Box 820, Masaka, has lodged an application
EL. 0836 registered as Number 001165 has been granted in              with the Registrar of Copyright for the registration of
accordance with the provisions of Section 27 and Section 29           copyright/ neighbouring rights for the following works:—
to M/s. Biofertilizers (U) Limited of P.O. Box 6848,
Kampala, for a period of three (3) years effective from 08th             1. A BOOK TITLED ‘PROJECT YOUR CHILD
September, 2011.                                                            FROM THE SUN’ [ULTRA VIOLET RADIATION]

The Exploration area subject to the Exploration Licence is                Any person intending to object to the application for
18.3 km2 and is on Topography Map, Sheet Numbers 49/1,                registration of copyright or neighbouring rights may file a
                                                                      letter of objection with this office within 60 days from the
2 situated in Manafa District.
                                                                      date of this notice.
Dated at Entebbe, this 08th day of September, 2011.
                                                                      Dated this Friday, October 14, 2011.
                                           RUDIGIZAH CHRIS,
                  for Ag. Commissioner for the Geological Survey                                     MAUDAH ATUZARIRWE,
                                         and Mines Department.                                          Registrar of Copyright.
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