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20 May 2013

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2013-05-20 number 25

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gazette extraordinary                                                                                                                     227

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                                                             The                                                           THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

Registered at the        -'â– r   -y                  n ^OAN                                                 A     A           Published
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Newspaper                       y                 M   M      J-                   W         J2                              Authority

Vol. CV No. 25                                                   20th May, 2013                                      Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS                                                        Page          1. Electricity Regulatory Authority
The Electricity Act—Notice                       ...  ...       227              ERA House,
The Companies Act—Notice                         ...  ...       227              Plot 15, Shimoni Road, Nakasero,
The Parliamentary Elections Act—Notice                 ...      228
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications              228-230          2. LC V Chairman, Kotido District.
Advertisements.......................................  ...      230           3. LC V Chairman, Kaabong District
                                                                              4. LC V Chairman, Moroto District
General Notice No. 321 of 2013.                                                5. LC V Chairman, Abim District
                                                                               6. LC V Chairman, Nakapiripit District
                                                                              7. LC V Chairman, Napak District
                                                                               8. LC V Chairman, Amudat District
                                                                          The application is also readily available on our website

                                                                          Under Section 30 of the Electricity Act 1999, Cap. 145, the
        ELECTRICITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY                                  Electricity Regulatory Authority hereby invites directly
                  Plot 15 Shimoni Road, Nakasero,                         affected parties and local authorities in the areas affected by
                     P.O. Box 10332, Kampala                              the project to make comments and lodge objections (if any)
                                                                          on the notice to the Authority by 4.00 pm on Friday June
            Tel: (041)434 1852/646, Fax (041)434 1624
                                                                          14, 2013. Interested parties must submit their written
                                                                          comments, objections or interests by recorded delivery to
  NOTICE OF INTENDED APPLICATION FOR A                                    the reception at ERA House for the attention of:-
POWER PLANTS IN THE KARAMOJA SUB REGION.                                                   THE SECRETARY
                                                                               ELECTRICITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY,
The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has under                                         ERA HOUSE,
Section 29 of the Electricity Act 1999, Cap 145, received a                      PLOT 15, SHIMONI ROAD, NAKASERO
Notice of Intended Application for a Licence from Free                                        KAMPALA.
Energy (Uganda) Limited for generation and sale of
                                                                          NB:     THE AUTHORITY APPEALS TO ALL
electricity from solar power plants proposed to be                                ELECTRICITY SECTOR STAKEHOLDERS
established in various parts of the Karamoja Sub Region, as                       TO TAKE NOTE OF THE ABOVE.
shown below:-
                                                                          May 13, 2013.
(i)         Kotido              -    2 MW (Pilot project)
(ii)        Kaabong             -    2 MW (Pilot project)                 General Notice No. 322 of 2013.
(iii)       Moroto              -    2MW                                      THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA, 2000.
(iv)        Abim                -    2MW                                                           (Cap. 110).
(v)         Nakapiripirit -          2MW                                                            NOTICE.
(vi)        Napak               -    2MW                                    Pursuant to Section 19(4) of the Companies Act, (Cap.
(vii)       Amudat              -    2MW                                  110) Laws of Uganda, 2000, notice is hereby given that
                                                                          AFRICAN RENEWAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE
Free Energy (Uganda) Limited intends to undertake                         (ARCC) LIMITED has been by special resolution passed
detailed feasibility studies leading to development of the                on the 5th day of March, 2013 and with the approval of
                                                                          the Registrar of Companies, changed in name to
above-mentioned power projects, whose combined installed
                                                                          AFRICA RENEWAL UNIVERSITY (ARU) LIMITED,
capacity is 14MW The generated power will be sold to the
                                                                          and that such new name has been entered in my Register.
communities in and around the project areas.
                                                                              Dated at Kampala, this 8th day of May, 2013.
Interested persons are invited to obtain details of the project                                ATUHAIRE PATIENCE MERCELLA,
from the addresses below:-                                                                        Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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