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31 March 2017

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2017-03-31 number 19

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                                       The         bos
    ~                              Uganda Gazette -.
                                                                                                                          THE REPUBLI
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    General Post Officefor
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    East Africa as a

                                                             31st March, 2017                                       Price: Shs. 5,000
    Vol. CX No. 19

    CONTENTS                                                    PAGE     General Notice No. 248 of 2017.

    Fe ae a        Aci—Noees                            +s: a                  THE PARLIA MENTARYELECT  IONSACT,
                          te                            ee                             ACT NO. 17  OF 200
         es Act— Notices
                                                             307-308                                     i           :
    The Local Governments (Rating) Act—Notice ...
                                                  ves   a        308                              Section 9 (1)
    The Advocates Act— Notices...
    The Mining Act—Notices_...          a       vee      308
                        Examinat ions Board—No tices 309-311                                        AOTCE
    The Uganda National
     The Electricity Act—Notice ...               a.    .        312     APPOINTMENT OF NOMINATION DAYS AND
                                                        a        312     VENUE          FOR          PURPOSES            OF             THE
     The Architects Registration Act—Notice                              PARLIAMENTARYBY-ELECTION FOR DIRECTLY
     The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications         312-317
                                                                         ELECTED MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, KAGOMA
     Advertisements                                                      COUNTY CONSTITUENCY, JINJA DISTRICT.
                                 SUPPLEMENTS                             NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENbythe Electoral Commission
     Bill                                                                in accordance with Section 9(1) of the Parliamentary Elections
     No. 8—The Appropriation Bill, 2017.                                 Act, No 17 of 2005,that the 24th day of April, 2017 and 25th
                                                                         day of April, 2017 are hereby appointed nomination days and
     Act                                                                 published for purposesofthe Parliamentary by-election for the
     No. 2—The East African Development Bank (Amendment)                 Directly Elected Member of Parliament, Kagoma County
                   Act, 2017.                                            Constituency, Jinja District.
                                                                         Nominationsshall be at the Kagoma Sub County Headquarters’
                                                                         Hall, Kagoma County Constituency, Jinja District, from 9.00
      General Notice No. 247 of 2017.                                    a.m to 5.00 p.m oneachof the appointed dates.

                       THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTSACT,                          Issued at Kampala, this 28th day of March, 2017
                                 CAP. 243
                                    Section 142                                       JUSTICE BYABAKAMA MUGENYISIMON,
                                                                                               Chairperson, Electoral Commission.

                                                                          General Notice No. 249 of 2017.
      2016 AND 07 OF 2016 (WAKALAWO SAM PAUL VS                                 THE PARLIAMENTARYELECTIONSACT,
      MULIRO WANGA KARIM AND MAGOMU                                                      ACT NO. 17 OF 2005
      HUSSEIN KAHANDI VS MUMEYA SULAI AND                                                          Section 20 (J)
       NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Electoral
       Commission, following Court Orders vide Election                   PUBLICATION OF CAMPAIGN PERIOD FOR
       Petitions No. 06 of 2016 and 07 of 2016, (Wakalawo Sam             PURPOSES OF THE PARLIAMENTARY BY-
       Paul Vs Muliro Wanga Karim and Electoral Commission                ELECTION FOR DIRECTLY ELECTED MEMBER
                                                                          OF    PARLIAMENT,   KAGOMA    COUNTY
       and Magomu Hussein Kahandi Vs Mumeya Sulai and
       Electoral Commission) directing the Electoral Commission           CONSTITUENCY,JINJA DISTRICT.
       to degazette Muliro Wanga Karim and Mumeya Sulai as
                                                                                            HEREBY GIVEN by               the       Electoral
       Directly Elected Councillors Busano and Bukonde Sub                NOTICE       IS
        Counties in Mbale District,        as published in the General    Commission in accordance with Section 20(1) of the
        Notice No. 301 of 2016, dated 3rd May, 2016, Vol. CIX; the        Parliamentary Elections Act, No. 17 of 2005, that the period
        Petitioners- Wakalawo Sam Paul and Magomu Hussein                 commencing 27th April, 2017 and ending 9th May, 2017 is
        Kahandi are hereby published as the validly elected               hereby published campaign period for purposes of the
        Councillors for Busano and Bukonde Sub Counties, Mbale            Parliamentary by-election for Directly Elected Member of
        District, in accordance with the said Court Orders.               Parliament, Kagoma County Constituency, Jinja District.

        Issued at Kampala, this 15th day of March, 2017.                   Issued at Kampala, this 28th day of March, 2017.

                             JUSTICE BYABAKAMA MUGENYISIMON,                           JUSTICE BYABAKAMA MUGENYISIMON,
                                    Chairperson, Electoral Commission.                          Chairperson, Electoral Commission.

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