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1 June 2018

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2018-06-01 number 25

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Vol. CXI No. 25                                                1st June, 2018                                      Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS                                              Pa g e            General Notice No. 413 of 2018.
The Marriage Act—Notice ...          ...     ...       785
The Pharmacists and Drugs Act—Notice         ...       785
The Mining Act—Notice        ...      ...    ...       785
The National Medical Stores Act—Notice       ...       786
The Electoral Commission—Notice              ...   787-788
The Advocates Act—Notices ...         ...    ...       788                  THE COUNCIL OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL
The Companies Act—Notices................    ...   788-790                              SOCIETY OF UGANDA
The Industrial Property Act—Notices          ...   790-791                          Plot No: 1847 Banda - Kyambogo.
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 791 -806                           P.O. Box 3774, Kampala - Uganda.
Advertisements       ...     ...      ...    ...   807-820                     Tel No: +256 414 348 796, 0392 174 280,
                    SUPPLEMENTS                                                          Fax: +256 414 340 385
Statutory Instruments                                                        Email: psupc@psu.or.ug, Website:www.psu.or.ug
No. 27—The Traffic and Road Safety (Speed of Motor
        Vehicle) (Exemption) (No. 2) Order, 2018.                                          PUBLIC NOTICE
No. 28—Proclamation for Proroguing of the Second                              USE OF “DR.” TITLE BY PHARMACISTS
        Session of the Tenth Parliament of Uganda.                      Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda (PSU) is the professional
No. 29—Proclamation by Speaker of Parliament of the                     body of Pharmacists in Uganda established under the
                                                                        Pharmacy and Drugs Act, (1970), Cap. 280 of the laws of
        Republic of Uganda on the Commencement of the
                                                                        Uganda. The society is governed by the council of the
        Second Session of the Tenth Parliament and                      Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda whose mandate is to secure
        Delivery of the State of the Nation Address by His              the highest practicable standards in the practice of Pharmacy.
        Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda.
                                                                        The council wishes to inform the entire public that in an
No. 30—Proclamation by Speaker of Parliament of the                     effort to harmonize professional representation within the
         Republic of Uganda on the Occasion of the                      region and in accordance with the PSU general assembly
         Presentation and Laying of the Estimates of                    resolution of 20th October, 2017, the council has with
         Revenues and Expenditure of Government for the                 immediate effect adopted the title “Dr” for all Pharmacists
         Financial Year 2018/2019.                                      registered in Uganda. By copy of this notice the public is
                                                                        hereby notified accordingly.
                                                                        The public is further informed that the register of
 General Notice No. 412 of 2018.                                        Pharmacists for the year 2018 is published on the Council
                                                                        website on www.psu.or.ug in accordance with section 21 of
                           THE MARRIAGE ACT                             the Pharmacy and Drugs Act.
                       [Cap. 251 Revised Edition, 2000]
                [Under Section 5 o f the Act]                                                                         The Secretary,
                                                                                                  Pharmaceutical Society o f Ugandav
     I n e x e r c is e of the powers conferred upon me by Section
 5 of the Marriage Act, I hereby license the place of Public             General Notice No. 414 of 2018.
 Worship mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be a place for                             THE MINING ACT, 2003.
 the celebration of marriages.                                                       (The Mining Regulations, 2004).
                                SCHEDULE                                   NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A MINING LEASE.
 1. Church                         The Evangelical Presbyterian             It is hereby notified that under Section 42(2) of The Mining
                                   Church Kungu                          Act, 2003, an Application for a Mining Lease has been lodged
       Denomination                Pentecostal                           with the Commissioner for Geological Survey and Mines
                                                                         Department by Mugume George, of P.O. Box 10362, Kampala.
       Village                     Kungu
                                                                         The area which forms the subject of the Application for the
       Parish                      Kira Ward                             Mining Lease is located at Bunyadde Village, Mwezi Parish,
       Sub-county                  Kira Division                         Kikandwa Sub-County, in Mityana District and covers
       County                      Kyadondo                              approximately One Hundred and Five ("105) Hectares.
       District                    Wakiso                                Dated at Entebbe, this 30th day of April, 2018.
                                                                                                           ZACHARY BAGUMA,
                                      HON. KAHINDA OTAFIERE,                            for Commissioner for the Geological Survey

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