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25 January 2019

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2019-01-25 number 4

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              r,,,tlganda Ga Zette                                                                                                                      ;:,H:;

Vol. CXII No.4                                                    25th January,Z0l9                                                   Ilricc: Shs.5,000

                                                                      Prr;t'                                        SCHEDULE
ihe\tart;ageAct-\orices.--                                               93     Cltrtrclr                            St. .lamcs (llrtrrclr tll' I Igarldlr
The Adr.xites {ct-Notices...                                         9j-95                                           Kalvanda
The Ccrr.:slnres Act-Notices                                         95-96
Th< \l i:::iJ Act-\otices                                                96     Dattontittation                      Anglican
Th'   t      n-ght arxl Nci ghbouri ng Ri ghts
                                                                                Place                                Kztrt,itnda
  Itguiir,cirs-Noticel                                                   96
The Engineers Registration Act-Notice                               97-l I I    Sub-Cotrnty                          Kyadondo
The Traiemarks Act-Registration of Applications I l2-l ltt
Advertisements                                                     rl8-l]6      Cttrttttt'                           Nahrvcru

                            SUPPLE,ME,NTS                                       Di:triL t                            Wakistt
Statutory Inslrument
No. 2-The Accottntants (Practice) Regulations, 20 19.                                                                       FI{t,l)Rl('K RtlHINl)A (MI).
                                                                                                                                             Altrtrttcl, Gt'trcru1
Bills                                                                                                                                                                  .

No. l-TlreNational Local Corrtent Bill, 20 19.                                                                                                          .-
No. 2-The Administration of Parliament (Anrendrnent) Bill,                      Gcncr:rl Noticc No.           6-5   ot'20   19.
No. 3-The Institute for Parliamentary Studies Bill, 20 19.                                         ]'HE ADVOCA            I'HS AC--I'. ( ]A I'. 267.

                                                                                     N(II-ICH OF APPI,ICATION                     T.OR   A ('I]RII      FI   ('AIIl
Gcneral Notice No. 63 of 20 19.
                          THE MARRIAGE ACT                                                                    OF     trI,IGII-}II,I'I'Y.                     I

                  ICap. 2-51 Reviscd l]dition, 20001                                 It ts ttr.nnRy No'ttFII-tI) that an aplllication Itas bccrl
                                   NOTICE                                       prcscntcd to thc Lalv Clouncil [r)' Kiryoorl'tt 'lottrttltatt rvhtr
                 IUnder Section 5 of the Ar:tl                                  is statcd to hc a holder t>l'a Bacholor ol'[.aws l)cglcc f'rtlnr
          PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MAITRIA(}I1                                  Kampala lntcrnalional Llnivcrsitl', having hccn atvardcd tlt't
      Ir.t t.xEnclst   tll' thc porvcrs conf'errcd tlpon mc by Scction          thc ltJth da1'of Nol'cmbor,20 l7 ancl a l)iplorna irr Lcgirl
-5   ol thc Marriagc Act, I hcrchy liccnsc thc lllacc ol-['uhlic                Practicc asardcd by thc Lalv l)ovcloptttcn[ (]cntrc otr Il.tc
Wrlrship mentioncd in thc Schcdule hcrekl ttl bc a place lirr                   2'7lh dzr1 ol'April.20 l8. lirr tho issuarrcc ol'a ('crtilicatc ol
thc cclcbration tll marriagcs.                                                  Irligibility [irr cntrl ol'his nanrc orr thc l{oll ol'Advocatcs
                                  SCIIEDULE                                     lor IIganda.
Churclt                            Kamtrli Peutccostal (lhurch
Denomination                       Pcntccostal                                  Karnpala,                                                MA I{(;AItF;I-APINY,
VilLage                            Templc Road, Soroti Ztlno, Soutllorn         28th Dcccmhcr.20l8.                                           r\,, Luv, Cr tu nc i I
                                                                                                                                     Scc ra t u                            .

Parislt                            Mandrva Ward                                 Ge   ncral Noticc No. 66 ol 20              19.
Suh-Countlt                        Kamuli
                                                                                                    THE ADVOCA fES AC]'I. (' AI'.                 267   .

Cdunty                             Kamuli
Di.strict                          Kamuli                                            N(Illclll        OF APPI.ICAIION t'OR A                 (llll{f IF'l(lAf Il
                                           HON. KAHIN DA O'fAFIIITE,                                           OF EI,IGII]II,II-Y.
                       Minister   oJ   Justice and Con.stittrtional Affair.s.
                                                                                     I'r-    ts   Ht-.Hssv No-t-tFIlit)     lhat ittt applicatittn hlts           hoclr
                                                                                 prcscntcd to thc krrv Council by Ottrnga Adrirtc rvho is
(icneral Notice No. 64 of 20 I9.
                                                                                 statcd to bc a holder of a Bachclor ol l,ittvs l)cgrcc l'rttrrr
                 THE MARRIAGT]ACT                                                Makcrcrc tJnivcrsity, Karnpala, hirl'ing hccn arvardcd ott
                   lCap. 2-51 Revised Edition, 20001                             thc 2ztth day ol'Fcbruary,20 17 arrd u l)iplonrir in Lcgal
                                       NOTICE                                    Practicc arvardcd by tho Law l)ovclttlttrtottt (-'clttre tltt thc
                        IUncler Section 5 of the Actl                            27lh diry ol' April , 20 18, firr thc issuitttcc ol' a (lcrtilicato ol'
          PLACE FOII CELEBRAI-ION OI. MAItItIA(iH                                Eligibility lbr entry o['hcr namo on thc lioll ol Aclvocatcs
                of thc porvers conferred upon mc by Section
      IN rxsr<clss                                                               ['or lJganda.
-5 of thc Marriago Act, I hereby license thc placc ol' Public
Worship mentioncd in the Schcdule hereto to hc zt placc lirr                     Kampala,                                                MA I{(iAItT.T'AI'INY.
thc cclebration oi mnrriages.                                                    l5th .lanuary 20 19.                                            Luu, Cou nc i l.
                                                                                                                                     Scc rc I u ry,

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