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24 May 2019

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2019-05-24 number 24

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^Uganda Gazette
Registered     at    the   "'WF'   Y                  *"W                                             A   A            Published

Vol. CXII No. 24                                            24th May, 2019                                    Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS                                                      Pace      General Notice No. 537 of 2019.
The Rules of Procedure of Parliament—Notices...               853                         THE MARRIAGE ACT
The Marriage Act—Notices                        ...  ...  853-854                     [Cap. 251 Revised Edition, 2000]
The Public Finance Management Act—Notice...                    854                               NOTICE.
The Advocates Act—Notices................            ...       854
                                                                              PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE
The Companies Act—Notices...............             ...   855-856
                                                                                        [Under Section 5 of the Act]
The Control of Private Security Organisations
   Regulations—Notices.......................        ...  856-857       In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section 5
The Mining Act—Notices                          ...  ...       857      of the Marriage Act, I hereby licence the place for Public
The Industrial Designs Act—Notices                    ... 857-858       Worship mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be a place for
The Trademarks Act—Registration of                                     the Celebration of Marriages.
   Applications        ............................. ...  858-880                              SCHEDULE
The Medical and Dental Practitioners Act—Notice 881-925                 1. Church             — Bugembe Methodist Church
Advertisements        .............................  ...  926-960            Denomination — Methodist
                      SUPPLEMENTS                                             Village         — Nakanyonyi
Statutory Instruments                                                        Parish           — Bugembe
No. 21—The Electoral Cortimission (Appointment of Date of                    Sub-county       — Mafiibira
        Completion ofUpdate ofVoters ’ Register for the Election             County           — Butembe
        of the District Chairperson, Sub-County Chairpersons                 District         — Jinja
        and Councillors to the specified Local Government              2. Church              — Mpumudde Methodist Church
        Councils, Nebbi District) Instrument, 2019.                          Denomination — Methodist
No. 22—The Trade (Licensing) (Declaration of Specified                        Village         — Mpumudde
        Goods) Order, 2019.                                                  Parish          — Mpumudde-West
No. 23—The Land Acquisition (Resettlement Action Plan 2
                                                                             Sub-county       — Mpumudde- Kimaka Division
        of the Tilenga Project) Instrument, 2019.
                                                                             County           — Jinja west
No. 24—The Land Acquisition (Resettlement Action Plan 4
        of the Tilenga Project) Instrument, 2019.                            District        — ■ Jinja
No. 25—The Land Acquisition (Kampala Fly-Over                          3. Church             — Bulubandi Methodist Church
        Construction and Road Upgrading Project)                             Denomination — Methodist
        Instrument, 2019.                                                    Village         — Buluband
S.I. No. 26—Proclamation by Speaker of Parliament of the                     Parish          — Nakigo
        Republic of Uganda on the Prorogation of the Third                   Sub-county      — Nandekula
        Session of the Tenth Parliament.                                     County          — Nandekula
S.I. No. 27—Proclamation by Speaker of Parliment of the                      District        — Iganga
        Republic of Uganda on the Commencement of the                  4. Church             — Kibundaire Methodist Church
        Fourth Session of the Tenth Parliament and Delivery                  Denomination — Methodist
        of the State of the Nation Address by His Excellency                 Village         — Kibundaire
        the President of the Republic of Uganda.                             Parish          — Lubanyi
S.I. No. 28—Proclamation by Speaker of Parliment of                          Sub-county      — Butagaya
        the Republic of Uganda on the Delivery of the
                                                                             County          — Kagoma
        Presidential Address on the budget for the financial
                                                                             District        — Jinja
        year 2019/2020.
                                                                       5. Church             — Nabirumba Methodist Church
General Notice No. 536 of 2019.                                              Denomination — Methodist
     THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF                                     Village         — Nabirumba
                      UGANDA, 1995                                           Parish          — Nabwigulu
         IN THE MATTER OF THE RULES OF                                       Sub-county      — Nabwigulu
           PROCEDURE OF PARLIAMENT                                           County          — Nabwigulu
    Notice is hereby given to the General Public that:                       District        — Kamuli
    In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 94 (1)              6. Church             — Nambula Methodist Church
                                                                            Denomination — Methodist
of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and in
accordance with rules 68 and 172 of the Rules of Procedure                   Village         — Bunantamu
                                                                            Parish           — Buyende
of Parliament, the 10th Parliament of Uganda on 23rd May,
                                                                            Sub-county       — Buyende
2019 amended its Rules of Procedure.
                                                                             County          — Buyende
Signed at Kampala, this 23rd day of May, 2019.
                                                                            District         — Buyende
                             REBECCA ALITWALA KADAGA (MP),                                          HON. KAHINDA OTAFIIRE,
                                          Speaker ofParliament. *
                                                                     __________ _ Minister ofJustice and Constitutional Affairs.
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