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17 June 2019

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2019-06-17 number 28

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GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY                                                                                                        1093

^'Uganda Gazette X
Vol. CXII No. 28                                         17th June, 2019                                  Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS                                                     Page   Further, polling activities for purposes of Interim elections
The Electoral Commission Act—Notices             ...         1093   will not be conducted in Muterere Town Council, Bugiri
The Control of Private Security Organisations                       District; Akadol Sub-County, Morukatipe Sub-County and
Regulations-Notices...           ...     ............ 1094-1095     Nyangole Sub-County, Tororo District; and Alala Sub­
The Advocates Act—Notice ...         ...            ...      1095   County, Jupangiyia Sub-County and Padwot Sub-County in
The Companies Act—Notice...          ...            ...      1095   Nebbi District during the designated period.
The Trademarks Act—Registration of
  Applications       ............... ...            ... 1095-1096   ISSUED at Kampala, this 10th day of June, 2019.

                                                                                JUSTICE BYABAKAMA MUGENYI SIMON,
                                                                                         Chairperson, Electoral Commission.
Statutory' Instruments
No. 34—The Security Interest in Movable Property Act                General Notice No. 624 of 2019.
       (Commencement) Instrument, 2019.                                      THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT
No. 35—The Local Governments (Aduku Town Council)                                        CAP. 140
       Byelaws, 2019.                                                                Section 12 (1) (a)
No. 36—The Local Governments (Ibuje Town Council)                                          AND
       (Sanitation and Public Health) Byelaws, 2019.
No. 37—The Local Governments (Kamdini Town Board)                          THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT’S ACT
       (Sanitation and Public Health) Byelaws, 2019.                            CAP. 243 (As Amended)
No. 38—The Local Governments (Loro Subcounty)
                                                                                 Sections 161 and 161a
       (Sanitation and Public Health) Byelaws, 2019.
No. 39—The Local Governments (Apac Municipal Council)                                  NOTICE
       (Sanitation) Byelaws, 2019.                                  PUBLICATION OF NOMINATION, CAMPAIGN
No. 40—The Local Governments (Oyam Town Council)                    AND POLLING DATES FOR PURPOSES OF
       (Sanitation and Public Health) Byelaws, 2019.                THE ELECTION OF ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT
                                                                    CHAIRPERSONS OF CENTRAL EAST AND
                                                                    BUDHUMBULI EAST PARISHES, JINJA DISTRICT.
General Notice No. 623 of 2019.
         THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACT                               NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Electoral
                           CAP. 140                                 Commission, in accordance with Section 12 (1) (a) of the
                                                                    Electoral Commission Act, Cap. 140 and Sections 161 and
                       Section 12 (1) (a)                           161A of the Local Governments Act, Cap. 243, that the
                           NOTICE                                   dates specified in the Schedule to this Notice are hereby
                                                                    published for purposes of the election of Administrative Unit
CORRIGENDA      ON  NOTICE   PUBLISHING                             Chairpersons of Central East Parish, Central Division and
NOMINATION. CAMPAIGNS AND POLLING DAYS                              Budhumbuli East, Bugembe Town Council, Jinja District.
                                                                     S/N           Activities                   Period
                                                                     1     Nomination of aspiring Tuesday,          18th   June,
Subject to General Notice No. 598 of 2019, notice is hereby                candidates   at Parish 2019
given by the Electoral Commission in accordance with Section               Headquarters
12(1 Xa) of the Electoral Commission Act, Cap. 140, that the         2     Campaigns in the Parishes    Wednesday, 19      June,
nomination, campaigns and polling days for purposes of the                                              2019
election activities for the Interim Chairperson in the newly
                                                                     3     Polling, Declaration of Thursday, 20th June,
created Sub-Counties is rescheduled to the period commencing
                                                                           Results and Formation of 2019
Monday. 17* June. 2019 and ending 21st June, 2019.
                                                                           Parish Executives
The polling activities invoking nominations, campaigns,             ISSUED at Kampala, this 12th day of June, 2019.
polling and tallying shall be conducted by the respective
District Returning Officers between 9.30am and 1.00pm, at                       JUSTICE BYABAKAMA MUGENYI SIMON,
the designated Sub-County Headquarters.                                                  Chairperson, Electoral Commission.
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