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17 April 2020

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2020-04-17 number 25

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  TH£ MXTUCCT LUANDA                                                                                                          net UA'MKC* VOAStM
  Registered      the       T                                     TB                                               A

 ^Uganda Gazette x

 Vol. CXII No. 25                                                   17th April, 2020                                   Price: Shs. 5,000

 Uganda Revenue Authority—Public Notice                                789
 Advertisement            ..........................      ...          789            IN THE MATTER OF REGISTRATION OF
                                                                                     DOCUMENTS CAP. 81, LAWS OF UGANDA
                        SUPPLEMENTS                                                  IN THE MATTER OF CHANGE OF NAMES
 Statutory Instruments                                                                 BY CANDRIA ARK AZUMA GOFFIN
 No. 59 —The      Petroleum    (Refining,    Conversion,                                             DEED POLL
        Transmission and Midstream Storage) (Amendment)
                                                                                                        By this Deed Poll made this 16th
        Regulations, 2020.
                                                                                                        day of March, 2020, I the
 No. 60 —The Petroleum (Exploration, Development and                                                    undersigned CANDRIA ARK
        Production) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020.                                                      AZUMA GOFFIN, of C/o Onivu
                                                                                                        Village, Lugbari Parish, Odupi
 General Notice No. 492 of 2020.                                                                        Sub-County, Terego East County,
                                                                                                        Arua District, formerly known as
                        PUBLIC NOTICE                                                                   CHANDRIA ARK A. and
            DOMESTIC TAXES OPERATIONS                                                                   GOFFIN CHANDRIA , a citizen
                                                                                                        of Uganda by birth do solemnly
In light of the Presidential Directives and Ministry of Health
                                                                                                        make this Deed Poll thus:—
guidelines on COVID-19 Pandemic, Uganda Revenue
Authority would like to remind the public that we have                         For and on behalf of myself, I wholly renounce, relinquish
remained operational and encourage the public to access our                   and abandon the use of my former names CHANDRIA
services through;                                                             ARK A and GOFFIN CHANDRIA and in place thereof
                                                                              do assume from the date hereof the name of CANDRIA
   The URA website https://ura.go.ug                                          ARK AZUMA GOFFIN AND SO THAT I may hereafter
   For any assistance call,                                                   be called, known and distinguished not by my former names
   Toll free lines 0800117000/0800217000                                      of CHANDRIA ARK A and GOFFIN CHANDRIA but by
   Non Tollfree lines 0417444602/0323444602                                   my resumed name of CANDRIA ARK AZUMA GOFFIN.
   Email: scrvices@ura.go.ug                                                  For the purpose of evidence of such determination, I declare
   twittcr@urauganda                                                          lhal I shall al all times hereafter in all records, deeds and
   facebook@urapage                                                           writings and in all proceedings, dealings and transactions,
                                                                              public or private and upon all occasions whatsoever use and
Our offices at the different locations as shown below shall                   sign the name of CANDRIA ARK AZUMA GOFFIN as
remain operational to offer support for only those services                   my name in place of and in substitution for the former names
which cannot be accessed through our online channels.                         CHANDRIA ARK A and GOFFIN CHANDRIA.
                           Days of              Opening         Closing       I expressly authorize and request all persons at all times
    URA OFFICE                                                                hereafter to designate and address me by such name of
                          Operation              Hours           time
                                                                              CANDRIA ARK AZUMA GOFFIN accordingly.
 Headquarter Service    Monday to             08:00am       03:30pm
 Office (HSO), URA      Friday                                                IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto subscribe by former name
                                                                              and adopted name of CANDRIA ARK AZUMA GOFFIN.
 CBDLO-Diamond          Monday to             08:00am       03:30pm
 Trust Building         Friday
                                                                              Signed, scaled and delivered by the above named
 Kampala Road                                                                 CHANDRIA ARK A and GOFFIN CHANDRIA and
                                                                              now CANDRIA ARK AZUMA GOFFIN, this 16th day of
 Regional offices       Monday to             08:00am       03:30pm
                                                                              March, 2020.                         z
 countrywide            Friday

Stay safe so as to Develop Uganda together,

                                 DICKSONS KATESHUMBWA                                              CANDRIA ARK AZUMA GOFFIN.
                                 Commissioner Domestic Taxes.                                                       Renouncer.

fii UPPC020240710025
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