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30 April 2020

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2020-04-30 number 27

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^^Usanda Gazette..
.vrw*,pcp^                                          M                                      J W'W Jr                          »-' w.7       Authority

Vol. CXIII No. 27                                                  30th April, 2020                                            Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS                                                               Page          General Notice No. 496 of 2020.
The Advocates Act—Notice                      ...        ...            807
The Veterinary Surgeons Act—Notice                      ...      807-830                THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OE UGANDA, 2000.
Advertisements       ...   ..............                 ...         830
                           SUPPLEMENT                                                                           (Cap, 110).
Statutory Instrument
No. 62—The Electricity (Establishment and Management of                                                          NOTICE.
       the Rural Electrification Fund) Instrument, 2020.

General Notice No. 495 of 2020.                                                        Pursuant to Section 40(4) of lhe Companies Act, (No.
             THE ADVOCATES ACT, CAP. 267.                                            1/2012) Laws of Uganda, 2000, notice is hereby given that
    NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE                                          ALIF FOUNDATION UGANDA LIMITED, has been by a
                      OF ELIGIBILITY.                                                special resolution passed on 14th day of February, 2020, and
    It is hereby notified that an application has been                               with lhe approval of lhe Registrar of Companies, changed in
presented to the Law Council by Asiimwc Alex Byaruhanga
who is stated to be a holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree                            name lo ALIF FOUNDATION UGANDA, and that such
from Gulu University, having been awarded on the 13th                                new name has been entered in my Register.
day of January, 2018 and a Diploma in Legal Practice
awarded by the Law Development Centre on the 13th day                                Dated al Kampala, this 24lh day of March, 2020.
of December, 2019, for the issuance of a Certificate of
Eligibility for entry of his name on the Roll of Advocates
for Uganda.
Kampala,                                       MARGARET APINY,                                                               MWESIGWA SILVERIO,
17lh March, 2020.                             Secretary, Law Council.                                             Assistant Registrar of Companies.

General Notice No. 497 of 2020.
                                               THE VETERINARY SURGEONS ACT (CAP 277)
                                                  [Under Section 9 and Section 11 ofthe Act]

In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section 9 and Section 11 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act, I hereby confirm
the under listed persons as duly registered with the Uganda Veterinary Board as Veterinary Surgeons and Licensed Veterinary
Practitioners as at February 20th 2020.

                                                                VETERINARY SURGEONS

  Registration                                                                                       Qualifications at the      Additional Registered
   Certificate                   Name                            Address Registered in Uganda               time of                Qualifications
    Number                                                                                              Registration                or Honours

             31    Erastus B Rwamushwa                  P.O. Box 7678, Kampala                    B.V.Sc.(Nairobi)

             39    Margaret .Marie Makuru               P.O Box 7141 Kampala                      B.VM.(Makercre)

             47    John Mark Nuwagaba                   P.O. Box 7141 Kampala                     B.V.M. (Makercre)

                                                                                                  B.V.M.South China
             49    Florence Harriet Nahamva             P.O Box 5722, Kampala
                                                                                                  Agricultural University


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