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22 May 2020

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2020-05-22 number 32

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Vol. CXI1 No. 32                                               22nd May, 2020                                                 Price: Shs. 5,000

COM ENTS                                                     Page       General Notice No. .510 of 2020.
 I he Companies Act—Notice                                    843
'Hie Mining Act—Notice        ..............                  843        P     J 4,
                                                                         Mba'e - Uftao
 I he Inzu Ya Masaaba—Notice............                  843-844        leui'l

The Trademarks Act—Notices                                844-846
Advertisements.............   ..............                  846                                    IN ZU YA MASAABA
                        SUPPLEMENTS                                                              (The Bamasaaba Cultural Institution)
Statutory Instruments                                                    (»uf Rd lnzu'SQ'OP.10'2.0

No. 66—The Uganda Communications (Fees and Fines)                        Your Rcl

       (Amendment) Regulations. 2020.
No. 67—The Public Health (Control of COVID - 19)                        To All Bamasaaba
       (Amendment No. 3) Rules, 2020.                                   Uganda,
No. 68- I he Public Health (Control ofCOVID- 19) (No. 2)                Kenya,
       (Amendment No. 3) Rules, 2020.                                   And the Diaspora
No. 69—The Public Health (Prohibition of Entry into
       Uganda) (Amendment No. 3) Order. 2020.                           PROCESS OF ELECTION OF UWELUKOOSI
Act                                                                     UMUKUUKA Hl WE BAMASAABA FOR THE TERM
No. 6 —I he Traffic and Road                   Safety   Act,    1998    OF OFFICE JUNE 2020 - JUNE 2025
      (Amendment) Act. 2020.
                                                                        Il is the Inzu Ya Masaaba Constitutional right to elect
General Notice No. 508 of 2020.
                                                                        Uwelukoosi Umukuuka /Umukuukhu We Bamasaaba after
                                                                        every five years on a rotational basis. This is clearly laid
                         (Cap. 110).
                                                                        down in Article 8.2. 8.3 and 8.4 of the Inzu Ya Masaaba
                          NOTICE.                                       Constitution (Second amendment 29th April 2011).
   Pi'rsuani to Section 40(4) of the Companies Act, (No.
1/2012) Laws of Uganda, 2000. notice is hereby given that
SAMA MARIA HEALTH CLUB LIMITED, has been                                Following the resolutions of the Inzu Ya Masaaba General
b\ a special resolution passed on 04th February, 2020, and              Assembly sitting on 29th November 2019, the formation of
with the approval of the Registrar of Companies, changed                the Search Committee to kick-start the process of electing
Ils name to SAM A MARIA HOTEL LIMITED, and that                         Uwelukoosi Umukuuka I Umukuukhu III We Bamasaaba
such new name has been entered in my Register.                          was allowed. This task was given to the Inzu Ya Masaaba
Dated al Kampala, this 03rd day of March. 2020.                         Culture Council.
                               NALUKWAGO RACHEAL,
                                     Registrar of Companies.            The same Inzu Ya Masaaba General Assembly silling on 29lh
                                                                        November 2019 authorized Ihe Culture Council lo form ihe
General Notice No. 509 of 2020                                          UWELUKOOSI UMUKUUKA/UMUKUUKHU III Search
                     I HE MINING ACT, 2003.
                                                                        Committee along the following guiding principles;
                  (The Mining Regulations. 2004)
    Ii is iii.ri by notified that Mining Lease, number MI-00045         a)      Comprise of 7 members [allcast one member from the
registered as number 002936 has been granted in accordance                      qualifying inda| with the following qualities;
with the provisions of Section 42 and Section 46 to Alfred
Chesak Mangusho, of P.O. Box 2, Kapchorwa, Uganda fora                           i.        Persons of 45 years and above
period of twenty one (21) years effective from 22nd May, 2020.
                                                                                 ii.       Persons with no criminal record
     Ihe mining area subject to the Mining Lease is 24.6000
Ila. and is located in Kapsinda on topography map sheet                          iii.      Persons who have vast knowledge on issues
number 54/2. situated in Kapchorwa District.                                               touching IYM
    Dated at Entebbe, this 22nd day of May. 2020.                                iv.        Persons who have never been declared bankrupt
                                           AGNES ALABA,
                                                                                  v.        Persons who are well conversant with a
                  Ag. Commissioner for the Geological Survey
                                     and Mines Department.                                  particular house where the nominees for ihe next


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