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23 October 2020

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2020-10-23 number 68

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         ^Uganda Gazette

Vol. CXIII No. 68                                  23rd October, 2020                                       Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS                                               Page        General Notice No. 1300 of 2020.
The Marriage Act—Notices                ...   ...      2079                           THE MARRIAGE ACT
The Commissioners for Oaths (Advocates)                                           [Cap. 251 Revised Edition. 2000]
  Act—Notices      ...      ...............   ...      2080                                   NOTICE.
The Advocates Act—Notices               ... 2080-2081. 2085
                                                                         PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE
The Mining Act—Notices      ...............   ... 2081-2082
                                                                                [Under Section 5 oflheAci|
The Companies Act—Notices              ...   ... 2082-2083
The Insolvency Act—Notices             ...   ... 2083-2085                                 Registry No: 12010000027771-00477
The Trademarks Act—Norice of Renewal                  2085              In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section
fhe Trademarks Act—Registration ofApplications 2085-2118            5 of the Marriage Act, I hereby licence the place for Public
Advertisements      ...    ...............    ... 2119-2149         Worship mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be a place for
               SUPPLEMENTS                                          the celebration of marriages.

Sldtmory InMntments                                                                           SCHEDULE
No. 117—The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education                  Church          —     Life in Christ      Ransom     Ministries
       Centre Act. 2015 (Commencement) Instrument. 2020.                                  International
No. 118 —The Uganda Wildlife Research and Training Institute        Denomination —        Pentecostal
        Act, 2016 (Commencement) Instrument, 2020.                  Village         —     Kkolo
No. 119—The Land Acquisition (Mpigi-Kanoni-Sembabule                Parish          —     Nantabulirwa Ward
       Road) Instrument, 2020.                                      Sub-county      —     Goma Division
No. 120—The Land Acquisition (Park Junction-Buliisa                 County          —     Mukono Municipality
       Road) Instrument. 2020.                                      District        —     Mukono
No. 121—The Land Acquisition (Kamwenge-Forl Portal
       Road) Instrument, 2020.                                                            PROF. EPHRAIM KAMUNTU (MP),
No. 122—The Land Acquisition         (Atiak-Laropi    Road)                        Minister ofJustice and Constitutional Affairs.
       Instrument. 2020.
                                                                    General Notice No. 1301 of 2020.
No. 123—The Land Acquisition (Pallisa-Kamonkoli Road)
       Instrument, 2020.                                                                       FORM D
No. 124-—The Land Acquisition (Wanseko-Bugungu Road)
                                                                                        SPECIAL LICENCE
        Instrument, 2020.
No. 125 —The Land Acquisition (Rukungiri-Kihihi-lshasha-                                           Registry No: 13010000005386
        Kanungu Road) Instrument. 2020.                                Whereas      ALFRED        KATO     and    EDWIN
No. 126 — The Land Acquisition        (Pallisa-Kumi   Road)         ATUZARIIRWE desire to marry and sufficient cause has
        Instrument. 2020.                                           been shown to me why the preliminaries required by the
No. 127—The Land Acquisition (Luwcro-Butalangu Road)                Marriage Act should be dispensed with:
       Instrument. 2020.                                                NOW THEREFORE, pursuant of that Act, I issue the
No. (28—The     Land     Acquisition      (Kitala-Gerenge)          Licence thereby prescribed and do hereby authorize any
       Instrument. 2020.                                            Registrar of Marriages, or recognised Minister of some religious
No. 129 — fhe Land Acquisition (Busega-Mityana Road)                denomination or body to celebrate the marriage between:
        Instrument. 2020,
                                                                        ALFRED KATO and EDWIN ATUZARIIRWE at
No. 130—The Land Acquisition (Kisanja-Park Junction                 BISHESHE GARDENS, 1BANDA within 21 days from the
       Road) Instrument, 2020.                                      dale of this licence.
No. 131—fhe Land Acquisition (Kapchorwa-Suam Road)                      The marriage may be celebrated by the Recognised
       Instrument. 2020.                                            Minister of ST. PAUL’S IBANDA, (BANDA, between the
No. 132—The Land Acquisition (Kampala-Masaka Road)                  hours of eight O'clock in the forenoon and six O’clock in
       Instrument. 2020.                                            the afternoon.
No. 133—The Land Acquisition         (Bumbobi-Lwakhakha                Given under my hand, this 21 st day of October, 2020.
       Road) Instalment, 2020.
No. 134—The Land Acquisition (Mukono-Katosi-Kisoga-                                       PROF. EPHRAIM KAMUNTU (MP),
       Nyenga Road) Instrument, 2020.                                              Minister ofJustice and Constitutional Affairs.


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