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2 December 2020

Uganda Government Gazette dated 2020-12-02 number 78

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The Local Governments Act—Notice                                og         ua            =          =           as           wee         a                  2435
The Electoral Commission Act—Notices                            oe         ei            sie       ait          sis          8           a8                 2436
The Mining Act—Notice        si    28                           ves        i             ta         vee         nt           ee          =                  2436
The Companies Act—Notices                               vee     “es        ae             7        we           sat          ee          sty       2436-2437
Advertisements                       ae!          ee    sia     aye                                -            -            wee         -                  2437

No.138— The Electricity (Isolated Grid Systems) Regulations, 2020.
No.139— The Land Acquisition (Orio Hydro Power Project) Instrument, 2020.
No. 140—The Parliamentary Elections (Amendment of Third Schedule) Instrument, 2020.

General Notice No. 1474                    of 2020.
                                                               THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS                      ACT
                                                                         Section 119 (1) and (2)
                                                                                    CAP, 243
PUBLICATION OF NOMINATION DAYS AND VENUE FOR PURPOSES OF                                                                THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT
COUNCIL ELECTIONS ARISING FROM THE DEATH OF THE NOMINATED                                                               CANDIDATES IN SPECIFIED

      NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Electoral Commission in accordance with Section 119(1) and (2) of the Local
Governments Act Cap 243 that the 3° day of December and 4" day of December, 2020 are hereby appointed and designated
nomination days for purposes of the Local Government Council elections in the specified electoral areas in the Schedule to this
Notice following the death of the nominated candidates.

      S/N                 District                     Electoral Area                                                 Category
 IF             Zombo                      Zombo Town Council                         Sub County Female Older Persons (SCFOP)

 2              Gulu                       Gulu                                       Directly Elected Male Older Persons Councillor (DMOPC)
 3,             Wakiso                     Bweyogerere Division                       Sub County Chairperson (SCCP)
4,              Wakiso                     Bweyogerere Ward III                       Municipal Woman Councillor (MWC)

 5              Busia                      Western Division                           Sub County Female Persons with Disabilities (SCFPWD)
 6              Wakiso                     Kira VII (Najjera B Busibante)           | Municipal Directly Elected Councillor (MDEC)

Nominations for the Local Government Council candidates shall be conducted from 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m on each of the
appointed dates at the respective District Returning Officer's Offices.
ISSUED at Kampala this 30" day of November, 2020.                                                                                        a

                                                                                                    JUSTICE BYABAK
                                                                                                                    AMA SIMON,
                                                                                                                       Chairperson, Electoral Commission.

ag                        PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY UGANDA PRINTING AND PUBLISHING CORPORATION                                       ¢         SE
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