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23 July 2007

Uganda Government Gazette supplement dated 2007-07-23 number 37

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GAZE TTE EXTRA ORDINAR Y                                                                                                                 317

                                                                FTT!   -AW DEVELOPMENT<
                                                                 I tl O ’SPENCE L.3RARY

                                                                                                                          THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA

Registered at the                                                                                                            Published
General Post Officefor
transmission within
East Africa as a
Newspaper                Uganda Gazette                                                                                         by

Vol. C No. 37 •                                                   23rd July, 2007                                  Price: Shs. 1000

                   CONTENTS                            Page                     PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT PARTY COLOURS
The Political Organisations Act—Notices             317-318                                  AND FLAG
The Control of Private Security Organisations—Notice    318
Advertisements         ...       ...        ...          318
Statutory Instrument
No. 32—The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date
   of Completion of Update of Voters’ Register in Ntoroko
   County Constituency, Bundibugyo District) Instrument,
Legal Notices
No. 5—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act
                                                                            OUR MOTTO: TOGETHER WE DEVELOP, TRANSFORM
       (Publication of Particulars of a Private Tertiary
                                                                            AND GROW
       Institution issued with Provisional Licence) (No. 3)
       Notice, 2007.                                                        “Four-pointed Green Colour Star, representing 4 way vision
No. 6—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act                  of the party> founder namely: Uganda a global food basket,
                                                                            Uganda a regional Education Centre, Uganda a global
       (Registration and Recognition of a Public                            tourist centre, Uganda a regional shopping centre.
       University) Notice. 2007.
No. 7—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act                  The family life tree represents our Motto Together We
       (Publication of Particulars of Private Tertiary                      Develop, Transform and Grow.
       Institutions issued with Provisional Licences) (No.                  The White colour represents clean politics, Green represents
       4) Notice. 2007.                                                     Ever green nature of our country’ (Environment) and Golden
No. 8—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act                  Yellow to represent development by adding value.
       (Publication of Particulars of Private Universities                      PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT PARTY SYMBOLS
       issued with Provisional Licences) Notice, 2007.

General Notice No. 333 of 2007.
                      NO. 18 OF 2005
                       SECTION 7(4)                                                                                    To symbolize
                          NOTICE                                                                                       togetherness
   Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in
accordance with Section 7(4) of the Political Parties and
Organisations Act No 18 of 2005 that People’s Development
Party has applied for registration as a Political Party with the
Name, Slogan and Colours as specified in the Schedule hereto.
                                                                              White Cloth in a Right Hand Symbolise Clean Politics
    Objection to the said registration should be sent to the
                                                                                              (Integrity and Purity)
Electoral Commission at Plot 54 Jinja Road P.O. Box
22678, Kampala within 14 days from the date of this notice.
Name:                         People’s Development Party
Symbols:                 1.   A four-pointed green star with a family
                              life tree wood-curving in the middle. The
                              letters P, D and P inscribed/written in the
                              left hand, bottom and right hand pointers
                              of the Star respectively.
                         2.   A white cloth held up by the right hand.
Slogan:                       Together we develop
                              Together we transform                         Issued at Kampala this 14th day of June, 2007.
                              Together we grow
                                                                                                   ENG DR BADRU M. KIGGUNDU
Colours:                      Lemon Green and Golden Orange                                         Chairman, Electoral Commission.
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