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28 February 2020

Uganda Government Gazette supplement number 3 dated 2020-02-28 number 13

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                                                                 28th February, 2020

                               ACTS SUPPLEMENT
          to The Uganda Gazette No. 13 Volume CX1I1, dated 28th February. 2020

                 Printed by UPPC, Entebbe, by Order of the Government.

Act 4                           The Law Revision Act                             2020

                        THE LAW REVISION ACT, 2020

                               Part I—Preliminary.
     1.   Interpretation.

                    Part II—Preparation of Revised Edition.
    2.    Commission to prepare Revised Edition.
    3.    Attorney General to approve printing and publication of Revised
                     Part III—Validity of Revised Edition.
    4.    Bringing a Revised Edition into force.
    5.    Validity of the Revised Edition.
    6.    Revised Edition to be authentic text.
    7.    Continuance of text of revised laws for certain purposes.
    8.    Construction of references to repealed or amended enactments.

                    Part IV—Contents            of   Revised Edition.

    9.    Contents of any Revised Edition.

           Part v—Powers of the Commission in the Preparation
    •                    of Revised Edition.

   1C,    Powers of Commission.
   11.    No power to change substance and meaning.
r‘ 12.    Power to modify references to UK Acts.
   13.    Permanent Secretaries to furnish proposals.

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