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13 January 1922

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1922-01-13 number 1065


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     OFFICIAL (iAZETTE                                                              OF     THE

           HIGH                  COMMISSIONER                                                 FOR                  SOUTH                           AFRICA.
                                       PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY                OF HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE HIGH COMMISSIONER

       Vou. LXXVIL.]                                        PRETORIA,         FRIDAY,       13TH     JANUARY,            1922.                                                  [No. 1065.
    In the Intestate     Estate of ABDUL          CARIM      RAMTULA,         fefakoss,                          BECHUANALAND                 PROTECTORATE.
                                Basutoland,       trader.
                                                                                                   REGISTRATION            OF    BRANDS UNDER                   PROCLAMATION
        The First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account                                                                  No. 7 oF 1907.
    herein will lie for inspection at the Office of the Master of, Court,
    Maseru, Basutoland, and a copy thereof at the Office of the Uflicer-                         The following list of brands,                registered during the period Ist
    in-charge, Butha Buthe, Leribe District, Basutoland, for a period                         January to 3lst December, 1921,                 is published for general informa-
    of twenty-one days, to be reckoned from 13th January, 1922.                               tion:—
                                ABDOOL          SACOOR      JAN    MAHOMED,                           Name.                                       Residence.                              Brand.
                                ABDULLA           SULIEMAN,
    P.O.   Butha   Buthe.                                         Executors    Dative.        Ferguson, A. D.                    Mochudi,     Southern Protectorate                 see    VW

                                                                                              Habangana, Bolawe                  Mopoka, Northern Protectorate                     ..      BH
                                                                                              Kopong, Mogopoli...                Mochudi, Southern Protectorate                    «.      MK
                              LOST          TITLE-DEEDS.
                                                                                              Marnewick, J. D., jun.             Ghanzi, Northern       Protectorate               see     L
    CONCESSION         No.   22 P.     AND     DEED   OF    GRANT      No.    21/1914.
_        Notice is hereby given that we intend applying for the issue of
     certified copies of—                              :                                     Marnewick, J. D., jun.              Ghanzi,     Northern        Protectorate       (Can-       *
                                                                                                                                   cellation Brand)
         (1) Swazieland Concession No. 22 P. (being the remaining
             portion after the deduction of 2720 morgen 345 square roods,                    Perold, J. Enslin     ...           Norwood, Ramaquabane,     Northern                         4H.
             being the portion selected as compensation for Land Con-                                                              Protectorate
             cession No. 91 L.), measuring 3675 morgen and 238 square                        Ramala,    Tsome                    Mochudi, Southern Protectorate   «o                       TR
             roods, as per diagram, and originally granted by Umbandine
             to the late Jacobus Johannes Hercules Steyn by deed dated                       Ruele, Thoane                       Mochudi,     Southern Protectorate                oe      R
             18th July, 1888, and situate in the District of Mbabane
             (North);                                                                        Sebonego, Solomon David             Kanye,     Southern    Protectorate        _      owe     DS
         (2) Deed of Grant No. 21/1914, dated the 46th June, 1914, of
             Lot No. 45, registered on the 31st July, 1914, as Farm
             No. 44, measuring 588 morgen 351 square roods, as per                                                        SWAZILAND             NOTICE.
             diagram in favour of the Estate of the late Jacobus Johannes
             Hercules Steyn.                                    :                                                                POUND         SALE.
         And all persons having objection to the issue of such copies are
    hereby required to lodge the same in writing with the Registrar of                           To be sold by public auction in front of the Court-house at
    Deeds in Pretoria within three months from the first publication                         Hlatikulu at 1 p.m. on Saturday, the 4th February, 1922, unless
    of this notice.                :                        7                                previously claimed, the following :—
         Dated at Pretoria, this 10th day of January, 1922.                                             Fourteen head of mixed cattle.
                                                                                                 Terms: Cash to the highest bidder.             :
                                             ROUX & JACOBSZ,                                                                        H. SHERIDAN,
                       Attorneys      for    Executor in the Estate        of the late                                                 Poundmaster, Hlatikulu.
    13-20-27                                    J. J. H. Steyn.                              7th January,        1922.                                                 .
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ica actchet a iish
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ch ot:

                                     Printed   and Published      at the   Government     Printing     and   Stationery     Office, Pretoria.
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