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12 August 1988

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1988-08-12 number 11456


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   Vol. 278                                             PRETORIA, 12 AUGUST0 8 1988                                                  No. 11456

     Die onderstaande aansoeke om openbare padvervoerpermitte, met aanduiding van (1) verwysingsnommer en die plek
waar die aansoeker sy besigheid wil bedryf, (2) naam van aansoeker en die aard van die aansoek, (3) die aantal en tipe
voertuie, (4) die aard van die voorgenome padvervoer, en (5) plekke waartussen en roetes waaroor of gebied waarin die
voorgestelde vervoer sal plaasvind, word kragtens die bepalings van artikel 14 (1) van die Wet op Padvervoer, 1977 (Wet
74 van 1977), gepubliseer.
     Ingevolge regulasie 4 van die Padvervoerregulasies, 1977, moet skriftelike vertoe ter ondersteuning of bestryding van
hierdie aansoeke in viervoud binne 21 (een-en-twintig) dae vanaf die datum van hierdie publikasie aan die aangeduide
adres gerig word.

     The undermentioned applications for public road carrier permits indicating (1) reference number and place where the
applicant intends to conduct his business, (2) name of applicant and the nature of the application, (3) number and type of
vehicles, (4) nature of the proposed road transportation, and (5) points between and routes over or area within which the
proposed conveyance is to be effected, are published in terms of section 14 (1) of the Road Transportation Act, 1977 (Act
74 of 1977).
      Written representations, supporting or opposing these applications must be submitted in terms of regulation 4 of the
Road Transportation Regulations, 1977, in quadruplicate, to address indicated, within 21 (twenty-one) days from the date
of this publication.
                                                       OOS-LONDEN. EAST LONDON
     Adres waarbeen vertoe gerig moet word: Die Sekretaris, Plaaslike Padvervoerraad, Privaatsak X9009, Oos-Londen, 5200.
    Address to which representations must be submitted: The Secretary, Local Road Transportation Board, Private Bag X9009, East London,
     Alle tydtafels en tarieflyste ter insae by Plaaslike Raad se kantore.
     All time-tables and tariff lists for inspection at Local Board’s offices.

     OP 388 TRANSKEI/R S A BORDER NEAR EZIBELENI. (2) P V Bala, Ezibeleni/Transfer from D Ngcayicibi. (3) One 15 Seater Combi. (4)
Black taxi persons and their persona effects. (5) from R S A/Transkei Border near Ezibeleni to the Queenstown Taxi Rank in Victoria Street and return on
condition that no persons be picked up or set down on the forward and return journeys, except at Victoria Street Taxi Rank, Queenstown. Subject to the
non-use of the following routes: (1) Cathcart Road from it’s intersection with Griffith Street to and intersection with Robinson Road. (2) Robinson Road
intersection Cathcart Road at the Post Office. (3) Bowker Street from the Hexagon to Robinson Road.
     OP 778 EAST LONDON. (2) S Q Rigney, East London/New Application. (3) One 4 Seater Motor C a r: to be acquired. (4) Non-White taxi persons
and their personal effects. (5) From points situated within a radius of 1 (one) kilometre from holder’s own place of residence at 42 Labans Road, Buffalo
Flats Extension 7, to points situated within a radius of 10 (ten) kilometres and return.
     OP 793 FORT BEAUFORT POST OFFICE. (2) A K Gqomfa, Alice/Transfer from E Ntoni. (3) One 15 Seater Mini Bus : to be acquired. (4)
Black taxi persons and their personal effects. (5) Within a radius of 25 (twenty five) kilometres from Post Office, Fort Beaufort.
      OP 811 KING WILLIAMS TOWN. (2) J Thafeni, Whittlesea/New Application. (3) One 10 Seater Mini Bus GCB 1970. (4) Black taxi persons and
their personal effects. (5) Casual trips within a radius of 300 (three hundred) kilometres from King Williams Town Taxi Rank to Njoli Square Taxi Rank,
Port Elizabeth and return.

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