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5 February 1993

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1993-02-05 number 14554


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                                                                                                               Gt J S - G -

                                      R E P U B L IC      ^                  R E P U B L IE K
                                            OF                                    VAN
                                   S O U T H A F R IC A                     S U ID -A F R IK A                 m


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                                         P R E T O R IA 8 F E B R U A R Y              -(ggo
   Vol. 3 3 2                            P H E IO H I A , 5 F E b r u A R IE           199J           No. 1 4 5 5 4 ^

             Press Statement                                                         PERSVERKLARING
                          BY THE                                                           DEUR DIE
           Commissioner for                                                     KOMMISARIS VAN
          C ustoms and Excise                                                  Doeane en A ksyns
                                                                   HANDELSTATISTIEK VAN DIE REPUBLIEK VAN
                                                                   SUID-AFRIKA VRYGESTEL VIR DIE TYDPERK:
            NOVEMBER 1992
                                                                        JANUARIE 1992 TOT NOVEMBER 1992
  After the above-mentioned statistics were released
                                                                     Nadat die bogenoemde statisiek op 18 Desember
    on 18 December 1992, an error in the import
                                                                       1992 vrygestel is, is daar ’n tout in die invoersyfers
    figures was discovered. The figure under the
                                                                      ontdek. Die syfer onder die opskrif “ Ander onge-
    heading “ Other inclassified goods and balance of
    payments adjustments” in TABLE A has been                         klassifiseerde goedere en betalingsbalansaansui-
    adjusted from 6 809,2 to 5 886,4 and the grand                    werings” in TABEL A is gewysig vanaf 6 809,2 na
    total from 49 055,3 to 48 132,5.                                  5 886,4 en die groottotaal vanaf 49 055,3 na
                                                                      48 132,5.
  The main reason for the above-mentioned adjust­
    ments was the switchover from one computer                       Die bogenoemde aanpassing was hoofsaaklik te
    system to another. Steps have been taken to elim­                  wyte aan die oorskakeling van een rekenaarstelsel
    inate the problem and any inconvenience caused                     na ’n ander. Stappe is geneem om die probleem
    is regretted.                                                      uit die weg te ruim en enige ongerief word betreur.

  An amended statement has now been issued.                           ’n Gewysigde opgawe word nou uitgereik.

Issued by: The Commissioner for Customs and                        Uitgereik deur: Die Kommissaris van Doeane- en
                Excise.                                                                Aksyns.
Date: 25 January 1993.                                            Datum: 25 Januarie 1993.
                                          AMENDED FIG U RES “ S E E A ST E R IS K S ”
R em a rk : The import and export figures reflected in this statement have been adjusted largely to bring them into line with the
             requirements for the compilation of the balance of payments.
             The undermentioned data entails the total foreign trade statistics of the common customs area of the Republic of
             South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia as well as Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and Ciskei.
N .B .: The change-over to the Harmonized Tariff System with effect from 1 January 1988, altered the classification of certain
        commidities. When comparing the section totals for 1988 and later years with those of previous years the possible
        differences due to the change-over should therefore be taken into consideration.
  86052— 1                                                                                                      14554— 1
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