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10 March 1993

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1993-03-10 number 14629


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                                        REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA


                         VAN DIE REPUBLIEK VAN SUID-AFRIKA

         Registered at the Post Office as a Newspaper                                       As ’n Nuusblaa by die Poskantoor Geregistreer

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                                                             CAPE TOWN, 10 MARCH 1993
V ol. 333                                                                                                                                     No. 14629
                                                              KAAPSTAD, 10 MAART 1993

                 STATE PRESIDENT’S OFFICE                                                    KANTOOR VAN DIE STAATSPRESIDENT

No. 372.                                                       10 March 1993           No. 372.                                                     10 Maart 1993
   It is hereby notified that the State President has assented                            Hierby word bekend gemaak dat die Staatspresident sy
to th e fo llo w in g A c t w h ich is h e r e b y p u b lis h e d fo r g e n e ra l   g o ed k e u rin g g eh eg h e t aa n die o n d e rsta a n d e W e t w at h ierb y
information:—                                                                          ter algemene inligting gepubliseer word:—
No. 12 of 1993: Agricultural Research Amendment Act,                                   No. 12 van 1993: Wysigingswet                  op      Landbounavorsing,
                 1993.                                                                                   1993.
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