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27 August 1993

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1993-08-27 number 15086


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                  Government Gazette
   Vol. 3 38                         P R E T O R IA , 27 A U G U S T U S 1993                 N o. 1 5 0 8 6

     Particulars in respect of applications for public road carrier permits (as submitted to the respective local road
transportation boards or the National Transport Commission) indicating, firstly, the reference number, and then—

      (a)   the name of the applicant;

      (b)   the place where the applicant conducts his business or wishes to conduct his business, as well as his
            postal address;

      (c)   the nature of the application, that is whether it is an application for—

                   (C1)   the grant of such permit,

                   (C2)   the grant of additional authorisation,
                   (C3)   the amendment of a route,
                   (C4)   the amendment of a time-table,

                   (C5)   the amendment of tariffs,

                   (C6)   the renewal of such permit,
                   (C7)   the transfer of such permit,
                   (C8)   the change of the name of the undertaking concerned,
                   (C9)   the replacement of a vehicle,

                  (C10)   the amendment of vehicle particulars, or

                  (C11)   an additional vehicle with existing authorisation;
                          —as well as, in the case of an application contemplated in C6 or C 7—
                  (C12)   the number of the permit concerned;

      (d)   the number and type of vehicles, including the carrying capacity or gross vehicle mass of the vehicles
            involved in the application;
      (e)   the nature of the road transportation or proposed road transportation, th a t is w hether it involves
            persons or goods, or both;
      (f)   the class or classes of goods that are conveyed or are to be conveyed; and
      (g)   the points between or the route or routes along or the area or areas within which the road transporta­
            tion is conducted or the proposed road transportation is to be conducted,

   31108 — A                                                                                           15086 — 1
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