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1 October 1993

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1993-10-01 number 111


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                                                                                                         rome nr sa RBS AAA
                                                          Srpemencrcn sm cgitpenciaznerig Legit wt ROH

              IRIPHABLIKI                                                                            REPUBLIC OF
|              YECISKEI                                                                                                       CISKEI

              IGAZETHI                                                                                   GOVERNMENT
          YOBURHULUMENTE                                                                                   GAZETTE

    Uma. 21   ”   :     eBISHO              No. 111      Vol. 21                                          BISHO                         No. 111
                       01/10/93                                                                   01/10/93

                                  DEPARTMENT OF THE COUNCIL OF STATE

                                   GOVERNMENT     NOTICE No. 82 OF 1993

    It is hereby notified that the Deputy Chairman of the Council            of State has assented to the following
    decree which is hereby published for general information:-

                                   Maintenance Amendment Decree,                    1993
                                           Decree No. 23 of 1993
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